His co-stars are thought to have been left “gutted” by the decision

EMMERDALE fans have been left raging after it was revealed that one of the show’s most popular characters is set to be killed off.

The Sun on Sunday exclusively revealed that ITV bosses had axed actor Sam Hall from his role as Samson Dingle.

The actor, 20, has played Samson since he was five but has been told by producers that his character was being killed off.

It is said to have left him and his co-stars “gutted” by the brutal decision and now the loyal Emmerdale fanbase have begun to have their say.

Samson has had plenty of airtime over the past few years including becoming a teenage father, rejecting his own child as well as having a love/hate relationship with his father, Sam.

He also took a prominent role in the aftermath of step-mum Lydia Dingle’s harrowing rape storyline.

She was assaulted at the hands of her former partner, Craig Reed, who had been mentoring Samson on a work experience project.

Samson battled between believing Craig and Lydia and eventually attempted to make him confess to his wicked crime once and for all.

Emmerdale viewers have been left saddened to learn of his axing and have insisted that it is the wrong decision.

Writing online, one fan said: “This isn’t good. He has potential, he can play sweet and mean. Sarah should go before him.”

Another then added: “This is a terrible choice, as was the decision to trash Samson a few years ago because of the sudden choice of making Noah saintly.”

A third went on to write: “Horrible decision to kill off yet another teenager. This may be the last straw for me

Emmerdale was the only soap I was still watching after many years of watching the big 3 but it’s maybe time to give up on soaps completely. Too much sensationalism and misery now.”

Before another speculated: “I’m guessing he’ll be a victim of this accident that’s apparently coming up soon?”

It was recently revealed that the soap was planning a huge accident storyline that would have widespread consequences across the Dales.

Could Samson be the one to meet a tragic end?

Confirming the exit, a TV source told us: “Sam had a meeting with bosses earlier this month where they broke the news.

“He has been left devastated. He’s grown up with his on-screen Dingle clan and they are all very protective of him.

“Some of the cast even went to talk to bosses about their decision. 

“As news of his axing swept through the building there were quite a lot of angry Dingles.

“The fact that they are planning on killing him off means there’ll be no way back for him either.

“He’s absolutely gutted.”  


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