The RUBY’S fast becoming a target in the village

Emmerdale’s Ruby Fox-Miligan has firmly established her place in history as a villager in a swarm of the Dingle family in her very debut dinner celebration.

The divorced wife of Caleb Miligan – who is performed by actor Beth Cordingly in the ITV soap, decided to hold an event to present herself appropriately to her brand new extended family.

1Ruby has caused confusion in EmmerdaleCredit: ITV

However, instead she chose to create chaos.

While arguing with Nate and Tracy about their relationship, Ruby couldn’t help but inquire about relationship issues regarding trust following Nate was caught cheating with her.

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Moira intervened to put Ruby down when the newcomer was threatening her.

“So I don’t have to ask which one was more comfortable in the bed?” she said to Moira.

“Who did you feel more satisfied, Cain Or his son? I’m sorry Nate I’m sure that you’ve got a few moves, however, my bet is Cain.”

While Moira stood poised to take on against Ruby as usual, in her manner of smacking her throat, Nicky arrived and was immediately exposed as the origin of the rumours.

Cain attempted to intimidate Ruby however she brushed it off. She may be revealing that she knew all about Caleb’s relationship with Tracy and Moira is aware of it.

Moira said to that she: “You are purposefully trying to get us off the hook.

“We did absolutely nothing towards you, nothing. That’s why I have no clue the reason you bring up past gossip just to get annoyed with us.”

Ruby was up and was able to fix Moira with a look, but in the nick of time, she joked she was unable to understand the Moira’s Scottish accent.

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The entire family escaped however did Ruby really know more than she’s telling us?

She throws Nicky in the air and made everyone else feel embarrassed – avoiding Nate and Cain in the direct.

All the people she targeted are involved in the saga or covered up the crime.

And what is it that Ruby have any idea? And what retribution will she get for everyone involved?


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