Emmerdale was awash with bombshells the night of Wednesday after Angelica King’s departure was discussed when the King’s grandparents Nicola and Jimmy were shocked to hear the news.

Emmerdale might have to say goodbye to Angelica King after Nicola and Jimmy were shocked by court rulings during Wednesday’s show.

Recently, the cult ITV soap was filled with sorrow in the week of New Year’s Day as teenager Heath passed away after a ride in a vehicle with his twin sisters Cathy along with Angelica King. The teens had been longing to attend an event celebrating New Year’s Eve outside the village, however, they couldn’t find a ride and their father Bob Hope refused to pay to take them there.

The three were with a lack of interest at the party they decided to take matters by themselves and stole Wendy’s car for a ride to the party. After the accident, Cathy as well as Angelica claim that the other driver was with them. The community divided over which one to believe. This is especially true for Bob who refused to meet Cathy so as to shield the girl from his own.

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Emmerdale’s Angelica King could be leaving Emmerdale’s Angelica King could be leaving the ITV soap following an incident this week.

In the month of June on the day that Heath’s funeral was held as a guilt-ridden Angelica was finally able to speak the truth. Angelica admitted to her shocked her mother Nicola and Nicola, she admitted that she had been driving the vehicle when Heath passed away, and then admitted it to the police which she was detained to be charged with causing the death of someone else by negligent driving.

In the last few days, parents Nicola and Jimmy have been working on Angelica’s court appearance. Nicola has been trying to stay optimistic, hoping that the court will conclude that Angelica as an “decent child” who has made an “terrible error” by pointing out that she’s “hardly dangerous to the community”. But, she was questioned by attorney Ethan Anderson in the cafe which he used to highlight the dire reality of Angelica’s case.

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Ethan explained the fact that due to Angelica admitting guilt to murder in a dangerous car and committing a grave charge. Nicola was wondering if that could be a sign that Angelica could be sentenced to the community service she was seeking, however Ethan said that Angelica may be facing the possibility of a prison sentence.

Nicola was saddened by the situation, and she told husband Jimmy at the end of the episode which left Jimmy just stunned. In the coming weeks families prepare for the Angelica hearing, but there is a possibility of a custodial punishment, does this mean Angelica’s departure from the village?


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