Emmerdale’s Caleb (Will Ash) wants what he wants, and woe betide anyone who gets in his way.

That is a warning for Tracy (Amy Walsh), who is in for a rough ride thanks to her bit on the side when she tries to extricate herself from their affair.

Tracy is the first person to have control over Caleb, even if she doesn’t realise it, and he doesn’t like it.

As things stand, Caleb has a stake in Tracy’s business, and she wants him out. He’s become far too controlling and she wants to take it back.

She approaches Gabby (Rosie Bentham) and pitches her forest nursery idea. She’s keen, but when she finds out Caleb is involved, Gabby immediately gets cold feet.

Tracy is left raging at Caleb once again for ruining her life and she turns to Moira (Natalie J Robb) for help – who is the one person in the know about her affair with Caleb.


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