Emmerdale is preparing for explosive scenes on Wednesday night as Kerry Wyatt’s daughter, Amy Wyatt, prepares to marry Matty Barton

Amy Dowden visits Emmerdale studio ahead of wedding storyli

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt star Laura Norton has teased the ITV soap’s upcoming wedding.

Kerry recently returned to the village after leaving to work on a friend’s cruise ship, where she was dropped off at the house by PC Swirling. After the awkward return, Kerry was then left to explain how she had been falsely accused of stealing by her estranged fiancé but she promised her daughter Amy that this wasn’t the case.

However, later on, the truth was revealed as Kerry removed money and jewellery from her costume. Since her return, Kerry has been helping daughter Amy plan her wedding to Matty Barton, urging Amy to spend what she wants as she’ll be footing the bill secretly hoping her stolen goods will provide cash for the big day.

Yet Kerry’s plan was thwarted on Friday night as she attempted to sell her necklace to no avail after being chased for wedding payments and instead got Eric to help her secure a good price on the item. Later, Eric had some bad news as he revealed that the necklace is in fact fake with the hallmark dodgy and the stones fake. Kerry was left gutted as Eric offered her a mere £60 for the item while at the same time an excited Amy revealed she had spent a fortune on wedding bits.

Emmerdale viewers think they have figured out a new twist involving Eric Pollard and Kerry Wyatt

Emmerdale’s Kerry Wyatt star Laura Norton has teased the ITV soap’s upcoming wedding ( 

Image: ITV1)

Kerry’s secret gets exposed on Wednesday night after she was chased for payments yet again from Suzy and Kim Tate earlier this week. After getting a pittance for her necklace, Eric is shocked Kerry won’t be able to pay for the wedding and Kerry has to reveal this news to her daughter on her wedding day.

Elsewhere, Amy’s husband-to-be Matty is blindsided by the news that the wedding is off. However, after taking a mystery call, Leyla announces the wedding is back on in a twist as the guests stand while Amy sets off down the aisle.

Teasing the upcoming drama in a behind-the-scenes segment on Wednesday’s Lorraine, Kerry star Laura had a six-word answer for her character’s predicament: “Her heart’s in the right place…”

The actress added: “She just makes really really bad decisions.” Laura revealed that Kerry is not welcome at the wedding after the bombshell so she resorts to wearing a wig, as she hopes no one will recognise her amongst the guests. Will Kerry get caught and who is the mystery person saving the day?

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