“I find it difficult to receive the credit we deserve.”

Emmerdale spoilers are coming soon.

Emmerdale star Jurell Carter has criticized “snobbery” in soaps.

The actor, who has been playing Nate Robinson on the ITV soap since the beginning of 2019, said that creators working on soaps aren’t given their “due recognition,” particularly given the “intense” effort involved in their creation.

In an interview with BBC Radio Leicester, Jurell said: “I was talking to one of the directors last week when I mentioned that it’s a shame that often in the business, there is a sense of snobbery about soap performers who are viewed as “not serious.”

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“But I think once you’ve been working for a TV show, and you’re not aware of the gruesomeness and intensity of the work because we’re doing back-to-back twelve-hour work days and dealing with some hard-hitting stories.

“And we give our kudos to the writers and the creative teams. As actors and crew members, we work hard. Sometimes, we’re not getting the recognition we deserve.

The actor said: “A lot of the daytime, we’re dealing with the same issues I think they’re able to understand. It’s hard work but incredible to be a member of it, and it’s a shame that soaps don’t receive the credit they deserve overall.”


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During the interview, Jurell spoke about Nate’s latest narrative, in which the wife, Tracy, is involved in a relationship on his back with his uncle Caleb.

“I am so sorry for Nate, as he doesn’t understand anything but is a passionate and loved individual,” Jurell admitted. “But unknowingly to Nate, his wife is involved in an affair with his uncle, and t, this makes the situation much worse.

“So this isn’t something you want to be around the film, but it’s enjoyable and even a game for us actors. But the core of it and the truth can be horrendous, and it’s a disaster.”


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The star teased that there was a possibility Nate would discover. The star said: “Who knows if he’s likely to learn about it soon. Since it’s soap, he is likely to, but it’s only a matter of time.”

The show’s star added that Nate suffers from “suspicions,” notably after discovering Caleb’s wallet at his father’s house.


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