EastEnders spoilers follow

Next week on EastEnders, Bianca is back, while Billy is faced with his estranged dad Stevie, and Yolande sparks concern.

Here’s a full collection of the biggest moments to watch out for:

1. Bianca is back on Albert Square


Walford royalty returns next week as Bianca makes an unexpected arrival – and she finds herself caught up in a lot of drama before she can even get herself settled.

After learning that Zack has taken off due to all the problems he and Whitney have been having, Bianca wants some answers.

But when she does finally come face to face with the man in question, he is unable to handle all of her questions and makes a quick exit.

2. Lexi remains suspicious of Nadine


Nadine continues to try and get closer to Jay and his family by telling them that she has been kicked out of her house, but Lexi is not thrilled by the idea of having her around.

Lexi decides to confide in Billy about catching Nadine drinking, and Billy ends up getting Jay offside when he suggests a paternity test would be the sensible thing to do.

Later, Nadine attempts to bring everyone together with drinks at the Vic, but a celebratory moment between Billy and Honey is interrupted by the arrival of a familiar face…

3. Billy gets a shock visitor


Billy’s father, Stevie, was last seen several months ago at a Mitchell family funeral, and fans were left wondering if we would see him again.

That question is answered next week when he arrives in the Square and is greeted by a shocked Billy.

Stevie has his work cut out to win the family over, particularly with Billy and Phil, but he tries to have an honest conversation with his son about their past.

Unfortunately, the topic of the long-deceased Jamie comes up and things quickly go south with Billy throwing his dad out. Stevie clearly has a long way to go when it comes to having a relationship with Billy.

4. Bianca tries to help Bernie


Vinny is gearing up to reopen the cafe but as he starts to get the ball rolling, Bernie struggles with the idea of it opening up again – understandable given she had been working above her dead brother’s body for weeks.

When Bianca spots how much Bernie is struggling, she decides to have a talk with her to see if she can help her move on – and to try and encourage her to return to work. But will her words have the desired effect?

5. Yolande makes a decision


Yolande is continuing to avoid prayer group in the wake of her attack by Pastor Clayton, and her oblivious family are growing more and more concerned about her erratic behaviour.

After a heart to heart with Jean, Yolande becomes emotional, and this leads to her making a decision – she wants to be the one to arrange Jordan’s baptism.

6. Reiss blows Whitney’s secret


Putting his foot in it is something that Reiss does very well, and next weeks sees him do it once again – and this time it leads to some serious problems for Whitney when his slip of the tongue has dire consequences.

Reiss accidentally let’s slip to Britney’s teacher that Whitney is not actually her mother, and that then gets the attention of social services who turn up to take the youngster away.

7. Stevie grows suspicious of Nadine


Nadine finds herself under suspicion by even more people next week when Stevie begins to think that she may be up to no good.

Fuelled by the information he gets from Lexi, Stevie makes it clear that he knows something is not adding up, and he too joins the calls for a paternity test to be taken.

8. Zack and Bianca team up


Zack and Bianca join forces to find Keeley.

Keeley eventually agrees to a meeting with the pair but things soon turn sour when Bianca loses her cool and tells her exactly what she thinks of her and her parenting skills.

This leads Keeley to reason that Britney would be better off elsewhere.

9. Chelsea gets on board with Yolande’s plan


Yolande goes full steam ahead with all of her plans for Jordan’s baptism, but Chelsea is not happy and makes it clear that she needs to back off when it comes to decisions made about her son.

Patrick and Denise, thinking that the distraction will do Yolande some good, are able to change her mind, and Yolande is thrilled that her plans do not have to change.

Unfortunately, Pastor Clayton soon learns about the baptism and invites Chelsea to have a chat with him about it – and it does not take long for Yolande to find out…

10. Anna pays Eddie a visit


Anna decides that she wants to head to the prison and see Eddie but, given how fraught things are between he and George, she has reservations about telling her father.

While speaking to Eddie, she learns that Gloria’s funeral has already taken place, and now she needs to work out how to tell George.

11. Yolande’s behaviour causes more concern


Yolande is horrified when she hears that Chelsea is with Pastor Clayton to discuss the baptism, and she raises eyebrows when she heads straight there and orders her to leave.

While Denise, Chelsea and Patrick discuss whether she should go and see a doctor, Yolande is left even more rattled when she has another run-in with the pastor.

And when a distracted Yolande nearly causes a fire at home, Patrick is left thinking that maybe she is in need of some kind of intervention.

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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