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EastEnders will air a the second flashback to murder that will see Nish Die, while a new fan theory suggests

EastEnders flashback
EastEnders flashback

Are you worried that the past could repeat itself?

Since Keanu Taylor died at the time of the Christmas Day in the year 2000 There has been speculation about whether EastEnders might film a follow-up murder flashback.

Keanu was constantly teased throughout his entire life, but following a heated argument, Linda Carter and “The Six” killed Keanu in the mystery that was EastEnders.

It happened when Keanu was at the area of their assault on Nish Panesar. He was unconscious and believed to have died. Linda Keanu was stabbed by Linda Keanu in order to defend her companion while she watched him try to take out Sharon.

The body was later hidden within the café’s rubble by women in order to conceal the crime. After that, they accuse Keanu of escaping the scene of the crime as a result of which Nish suffered injuries. What if there were more but?

What’s coming up for EastEnders in the The Six’ reel is following Keanu’s passing?

The body of Keanu was buried under the recently renovated floors of the cafe and Nish getting out of his condition, many of the people are wondering how things will turn out for EastEnders as well as “The Six” as time goes on.

It seems that the women aren’t going to be able remain secretive for long as Denise has begun to lose her cool, Linda became an alcoholic as well, and Sharon has left the country.

How will the story end What happens next? Are there plans to have an additional flash-forward that is dramatic to EastEnders?

EastEnders Fan theory Could there be a third flash forward in the pipeline?

One user suggested in the possibility of a TikTok message that suggested the BBC will try to pull off a flash-forward in order to duplicate the success of last year’s.

Also, Nish may not be as blessed this time.

“What do we do if we flashback to February of next year and Suki stands over Nish’s body that has been buried at the café?” proposed TikTok user Owen Lawrence.

“And that brings us to the mystery of EastEnders The show’s 40th anniversary. It is also connected to the announcement of Keanu’s death because police are required to look into the matter and might need to excavat the floors or even something else,” he went on.

“Something is going to cause Keanu’s body to be found. The floor has been ripped into pieces in various ways, and this story may be the reason.

Does this fan theory hold any validity?


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