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TV Emmerdale star selling cannabis in Thailand after quitting soaps and promises to never go back to UK

Emmerdale soaps
Emmerdale soaps

Former Emmerdale actor Kelli Hollis as Ali Spencer on the ITV soap, has spoken out about her life in Thailand in which she operates her own “weed bar”.

Former Emmerdale Star Kelli Hollis has moved on to her own life in Thailand in Thailand, where she operates her own “weed bar”.

The former actress has promised not to return to the UK since she found satisfaction in Thailand as she embraced a more comfortable lifestyle. The soap actress has acknowledged that although she does miss her home regularly, she does not have plans to return home, and isn’t planning to return on the treadmill.

“I’m selling marijuana in Thailand following my decision to quit Emmerdale and will never come back’

“I am never coming home, never going home. Of course, I miss England and I have a lot of my life that are there such as having two adult children living at home, and a grandchild. You only live for a short time and I’ve learned many things in the past few years. Losing friends to various things, and my friend who lost an infant and that gives you access to a variety of life events.

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Kelli Hollis lives in a completely different way today

Kelli has started her own company in Thailand

“You simply have to complete whatever you need to complete because you’re not going to get a day off tomorrow, aren’t you? What I am thinking about is, since at the age of 50,*** *, so I will be fine. It is not a good idea to have an ‘oh, I’m just not able to perform this or accomplish that’ mindset. I’ve been blessed to have opportunities are coming my way,” she told the Daily Star.

The actress from Leeds shared how she came across acting by accident and some of her favorite memories from the Dales were of the Spencer group. She recalled with fondness the first time she was on set when she met the six-year-old Amelia (played by Daisy Campbell) who was missing two of her front teeth.

Kelli is still in contact with former colleagues, and still cherishes her experience in the show. What made this actor well-known for her part in Shameless move from a cult show on television to exporting cannabis? All of this changed after her early years in Leeds which was where she first came across the psychoactive drug when she was young and rebellious.

“I recall having a visit to a friend’s home in Beeston and I’m not going to identify the people because I am not sure the location they’re at or what they’re doing and therefore, I’m not going to be able to grass them,” she said.

Emmerdale actress Kelli Hollis resigned from the show, and relocated to Thailand

“It was about 20 years ago I’m sure it was at least 20 odd years ago. I do remember being 15 years old and was at an acquaintance’s home and began smoking marijuana with my friends at the park and everything else. I can remember the hash, which you burned and I can only remember many burnt fingers as well as a number of holes in my clothing.”

Kelli revealed her experience: “I was just smoking some in and out, but when I was an aspiring youngster, I’d never be a smoke. I don’t really like smoking weed and I’m aware of people who are.”

The soap-star of the past confessed that she’s turned to eating food items’. Businesswoman is now promoting their use for relaxation as well as for ailments and pains in those who do not want to smoke but still take these.

In a conversation about her business, Kelli said it happened through a ‘total chance’ following her move to Thailand after her friend got an opportunity to work in Bangkok.


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