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BBC EastEnders baby twist ‘rumbled in the face of Stacey Slater and Jack Branning when the drama gets heated

EastEnders spoilers
EastEnders spoilers

EastEnders viewers are certain that they’ve come up with the latest baby-related twists to Stacey Slater and Jack Branning just a few weeks following the heated scenes during the week of BBC soap

EastEnders may have a plan to create a brand new pregnancy plot twist to Stacey Slater on the BBC soap during her relationship and romance with Jack Branning.

According to some fans there’s a baby twist coming soon when things get heated among the lovers who are not secretly romantic. There are a few characters who know about Stacey being in bed in Denise’s bed with her husband during the time of Christmas and even The Six. What they’re still trying to learn is that the romance has only intensified, and with Jack and Stacey being quite sexy during recent episodes. There’s no doubt that they’re not yet willing to let things cool down even though Jack and Denise’s relationship being at risk.

The viewers are certain that a major surprise is coming but it’s possible to tear the two families from one another. Jack’s two children Amy and Ricky want their father and stepmother Denise to work together amid the tensions. With things getting heated between Jack and Stacey and the family, many believe Stacey is likely to become pregnant with the next few months just a year of Stacey’s daughter Lily being a mother to his son Ricky. As the two families stepped up to X fans speculated that a baby’s arrival could bring the families together yet again.

One user stated: “Stacey will end up being pregnant, or suffer the pregnancy fear,” as another said: “Stacey pregnant . This is the next thing to report. It’s there! Lol.” Another added “watch Stacey get pregnant next,” while a fourth tweet read: “Guys what if Stacey is pregnant Jack?”

The situation is deteriorating just as Denise is falling apart and her, Stacey along with the remaining The Six members The Six continue to conceal the Christmas Day murder of Keanu Taylor. The involvement of them in the death of Keanu Taylor as well as the burial of his body on the cafe’s floor have caused them to be in a state of turmoil.

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Denise has raised serious questions about her mental health, since she keeps acting out and suffers nightmares. Her loved friends aren’t aware that they are also experiencing visions of Keanu. The viewers are worried that a departure may be in the near future for the character, as Denise continues to unravel after being threatened by women around her, and warned that if she takes care of herself, it could be that she is in a solitary prison.


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