EastEnders viewers are of the opinion that teenage Denzel Danes will soon be at the center of a novel plot

EastEnders Fans believe a fresh storyline is in the pipeline for teen Denzel Danes following a rocky week.

The character was slammed by students in the classroom for daring to take the Logan, a troublemaker Logan whom he had teasingly criticized his friend Amy Mitchell. In light of Logan’s age, which caused dismay among viewers, Logan teased Amy about her struggle with mental illness, resulting in Logan self-harming.

Denzel was able to have some fun with the character but he was assaulted by Logan along with a few others in an alleyway. While Yolande Trueman attempted to aid Denzel, she fell and slid off the sidewalk leading to laughter from the crowd. her, before escaping.

The situation that Denzel could not wrestle with Logan and couldn’t aid Yolande was a source of embarrassment for him and frustrated. Following the fight Denzel decided to hit the gym and began boxing with his friend Nugget as a way to improve his stamina.

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He also left his buddies in a state of anxiety on Thursday when the group seemed to be disengaged rather than obsessed with gym videos via his smartphone. Alongside playing fitness videos, he was also shown having a lot of chicken fried “for the food source” and then he walked away from Amy to go to the exercise studio.

EastEnders Fans believe that a fresh twist could be coming soon for teenage Denzel Danes

People watching the action unfold believed there was a deeper meaning to the story as well as that a fresh narrative was being planned to the teen after watching Denzel’s attention glued to his smartphone. One of the theories was that Denzel might be awed by the training and fitness regime, and could even be tempted to using steroids following the incident in the scene with Logan.

In the episode, taking up X One viewer speculated: “I’m wondering what storyline the show has planned for Denzel. The actor was beat by bullies and he hasn’t been to a gym, and is becoming more obsessed. Steroid abuse? Could he become the next killer? God knows. It will be interesting to learn more!”

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A third fan wrote: “What’s happening with Denzel and eating the chicken while watching boxing/gymnastics things – it’s definitely going to become a plotline, isn’t it.” A third fan posted in X: “I wonder if Denzel will be going through the steroid path?” while a fourth person who watches this BBC soap agreedwith the statement “Calling the shots now, Denzel will likely be taking steroids shortly.”


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