Eddie talks to Gloria and she gives her an update

The day George Knight’s (Colin Salmon) adoptive parents from EastEnders The fans immediately realized Eddie (Christoper Fairbank) had something to hide.

Eddie as well as Gloria (Elizabeth Counsell) were seen arriving at Albert Square at the start of George’s new series. They revealed to George that he had been adopted through a procedure known as child farming. This led George to confront the fact that the fact that he didn’t really know anything about his family history.

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Eddie is also causing trouble when he has clashed against Cindy (Michelle Collins) as well as Gina (Francesca Henry) which has left many believing that he kept a secret from his son.

In the near future, Eddie arrives at the bar with the news that he’s received an award that recognizes the diversity of boxing. George is thrilled, however Gina isn’t too happy with Eddie’s new “nice guy’ behavior.

Eddie talks to Gloria with an update

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Beware Gina is angry with Eddie, George takes him for a walk around the Square and comes across Denzel (Jaden Ladega) who is training in The Boxing Den.

Eddie urges George to join the ring along with Denzel in an effort to get him to improve his technique.Gina doesn’t believe in

Eddie’s dramatic change in character. (Picture: BBC)

In the next scene, Avani (Aaliyah James) shows up and is joined by Denzel in the ring however it’s not long until Eddie’s aggressive approach causes Denzel to slam Avani and she is forced to run away.

At the bar and while Yolande (Angela Wynter) is talking with Denzel about the new direction he is taking, Eddie receives a call from Gloria.

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The woman tells her friend she’s going to go according as planned, but the next thing she knows, it’s clear Eddie has been involved in Something…

However, what’s going on?

How dangerous is Eddie Knight?


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