The soap star has been evaluating her romance potential together with Nish Panesar.

PHIL Mitchell tore his marriage to pieces when his wife was cheated upon by Kat Slater with Emma Harding.

After spending time together with Nish Panesar who is the EastEnders favorite performed by Jessie Wallace reaches a huge finale.

Kat Slater makes a big decision regarding her marriage to Phil Mitchell next weekCredit: BBC

She is still seeing NishCredit: BBC

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There’s a clear problem on the horizon. Credit: BBC

BBC One viewers were shocked to watch Kat get into bed alongside Nish Panesar (played by Navin Chowdhry) following a split together with Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

Kat’s Cabs’ owner has recently discovered that her other half-sister had cheated on her by dating the infamous Emma Harding, mere days prior to their wedding which occurred in September 2023.

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The next episode will air on the internet, Kat makes a big selection about her union to Phil.

All of it begins as Kathy Beale’s café reopens Bridge Street but there are certain issues that the cafe faces.

Nish Kat and Kat find out there’s been a leak, and that part of the floor has become wet.

The two are unaware the café is Keanu Taylor’s last resting place after being stabbed in the neck in the hands of Linda Carter.

What is the plan for the Five Do?

The outcome remains unclear however, later, Kat wakes at No.41 and the first red flag of her romance with Nish shows up.

The woman reluctantly accepts a gift coat from Nish which isn’t to her liking.

Kat is not impressed after the actor later criticizes her for asking Priya Nandra Hart (Sophie Khan Levy) about her character and then leaves the scene without a coat in order to prove her claim.

Nish is able to catch the two of them Kat and requests her to put on the outfit prior to Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) interrupts her to discuss some of the details about her new romance with Nish.

What is she going to say? can she be enough to convince Kat to quit Nish completely?

No matter what the situation, Kat soon heads to No.55 to ask for a visit with Phil.

Do you think he will take it?

Will the two couples be able to settle their disagreements?

How can Phil end his sexy manners in love with Kat?

Kat relies on Nish as a house to live, and he has offered her a flat at a reasonable price situated in Albert Square.

On the other hand, some fans believe he could be employing her to serve an hidden motive.

Are they right?

Can Kat find her way to the truth before she’s out of the woods?

EastEnders is on Monday through Thursday from 730pm to 7.30pm in BBC One.

There is tension in the relationship between Kat and Priya

Does it suffice to allow Kat to eliminate Nish?


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