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EastEnders spoilers: The main couple breaks up after three years

The main couple breaks up after three years
The main couple breaks up after three years

There’s no turning back to Kat and Phil

Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) has informed Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) that they won’t be back together for EastEnders.

The couple broke up when Kat discovered that Phil had been sleeping together with Emma (Patsy Kensit). Then she searched for an answer and came across Nish Panesar (Navin Chowdhry) who then walked away from his character in this evening’s (February 8.) episode. She was convinced they did not have anything to share and she was determined to re-engage with Phil.

As Kat found the strength to talk with Phil but he had to face problems in the form of Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley). Karen was returning to Walford to search for Keanu (Danny Walters) and thought Phil as well as Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) might have something to do with the disappearance of Keanu following the discovery that Albie wasn’t his son.

Kat visited the Mitchell household, and she told Phil she was keen to give it another go. They knew that they could work well as an entire team. Kat always loved how great Phil was with her kids.

There’s no turning back to Kat and PhilNish is trying to control Kat (Picture: BBC)

However, despite their bond and the relationship between Phil and his sons Kat could not shake the fear and resentment towards Sharon.

In the days before Karen’s departure from the show Karen met with Phil as well as Kat and said she’d leave, however she commented about the fact that she believed Phil as well as Sharon had been working in some way.

Karen was adamant that regardless of the name of Sharon or Phil’s new companions are, they’ll always feel strongly about one another. For her to put the knife into her, she scolded Kat to not be one of Phil’s “sloppy seconds”.

The incident was enough to cause Kat to realize what she initially was reluctant to confess. After Phil said something about Kat looking at his phone, she realized that she had been diminished to a paranoid girl who is jealous every time an other woman’s name is mentioned. This wasn’t actually the real Kat Slater at all.

In response, she informed Phil that trust between them was breached and, as a result the two of them can’t remain together.

A tears-filled Kat was a tearful Kat who fell in love married to Phil at the age of 2021, and got married to him in the year 2021 – and then left her husband as well as Mitchell. Mitchell home.

What will her next steps look like?


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