EastEnders will revisit Jack Branning’s and Stacey Slater’s affair as the pair betray Denise again.

Jack and Stacey became close after Eve disappeared. His marriage with Denise, however, was in trouble.

The news sent Denise into a spiral of depression, and her role in the Six’s Christmas Day Murder made matters worse.

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In the following scenes, Denise’s situation worsens as Jack betrays her again when she is at her lowest point.

Stacey will pressure Suki into getting her divorce from Nish completed so that the café will be safe from Nish.

When Suki visits Nish, she is forced to ask him some unhelpful questions regarding Christmas Eve, which makes her twist the story to escape his scent.

Nish becomes suspicious after Kat Mitchell casually comments about Stacey’s past. He then breaks into Slater’s house to find out more.

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Jack intervenes and tells Nish to leave. This fraught scene rekindles Jack and Stacey as they kiss again.

Jack, a guilt-ridden man, leaves the Slater’s house quickly as he struggles to forgive himself for betraying Esther again.

Stacey asks Jack about Denise when he attends the Slater’s house party.

Amy tries calming Denise down when she hears her crying in her sleep. She doesn’t know that Denise is harboring her dark secret.

Denise, will she find out about his second betrayal?

EastEnders is broadcast on BBC One, Mondays through Thursdays, at 7:30 pm. BBC iPlayer is also a great place to watch the show. Most episodes are released at 6 am before they are broadcast on TV.


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