Mac, will you agree?

Felicity and Mackenzie remain at odds. Mackenzie offers Tane shelter, but Felicity views this as a betrayal. She has also denied any contact with Tane. The conflict spills over into the crowded Salt, and Felicity is furious. She announces all meals are on her. Mackenzie attempts to calm the situation and says Felicity should not be working.

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Felicity grudgingly agrees, taking the money directly from her till to pay for a hotel room. Xander offers to cover Mackenzie as she heads back home. Felicity knocks on her door. Felicity apologizes to Mackenzie and asks Tane to return a wedding band on her behalf.

Remi takes Bree with him to his parents’ anniversary. After a guided tour of their opulent house, wealthy couple Graham and Nicola invite Bree into their awe-inspiring home. Bree, Remi, a chef, and a string ensemble are all there. When Nicola asks about how the two met, their conversation goes downhill.

Bree says that her late husband was the reason it was hard. Remi tries to make the conversation short, but Bree feels hurt. She questions his motives for attempting to conceal what happened.

Rose’s words are encouraging. On the other hand, Cash has been feeling a sense of purposelessness lately because of his suspension. Harper’s and Irene’s cases were so successful that surely this is also a positive sign for Cash. She says he should ask to expedite his review to get to work faster.

Cash seems hesitant about the whole situation with Felicity. Eden encourages him with her words, and Eden submits the request. They can now only wait.


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