yesterday evening in Emmerdale (Thursday, April 18), Tom headed to the scrapyard and hit Vinny over the head with a paperweight.

He then tried to cover his tracks as he left poor Vinny unconscious on the floor, alone.

Emmerdale fans have now predicted that Tom will turn into a serial killer after Vinny’s attack.

Emmerdale: Vinny was attacked by Tom

Tom joined Vanessa on a work training event last night but continued to keep an eye on Belle through the puppy cam.

He soon saw Belle invite Vinny into their house, supporting him as he opened up about his sex life.

As Vinny pointed out the puppy cam, Belle then turned it off. Tom was furious as it meant that he couldn’t keep tabs on Belle anymore.

Looking at the tracking app, Tom had no signal and didn’t know where Belle was. Due to this, he jumped into his car and left the work event to track Belle down.

Arriving at home, both Belle and Vinny weren’t there. With the tracking app working again, Tom headed to the scrapyard unaware that Vinny was fixing Belle’s phone.

He then picked up a paperweight and hit Vinny over the head, leaving him unconscious on the floor before attempting to wipe his fingerprints.

Tom looks angry on Emmerdale
Fans have compared Tom to Meena (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans predict serial killer twist for Tom King

Emmerdale fans have now seen Tom turn physically violent on more than one occasion and have now predicted that Tom could soon turn into a serial killer – likening him to Meena Jutla.

One fan commented: “We now have a male version of Meena roaming…”

Referencing a similar EastEnders storyline, another fan added: “So are they literally just doing the Gray serial killer storyline 2.0?”

A third person wondered: “How much more Jack the Ripper is Tom going to get before Belle eventually murders him?”

Vinny is battered and bruised in Emmerdale
Vinny isn’t dead! (Credit: ITV)

Will Tom kill?

Tom turning into a serial killer may be a while off if it does happen as Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Vinny isn’t actually dead!

Vinny survives the attack, with Belle tending to his cuts and bruises. But, will Tom kill in the future? Will Vinny be his number one target?


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