Oscar has been trying to bond with his parents but will his adoptive mother ever agree to it?

GAIL Loman and Ryan Stocks have been eager to get to know their long-lost son Oscar for the past several months.

But when the lad returns to Emmerdale, Ryan is incensed when Sophie shows up, ready to tear them all apart once again.

Ryan Stocks looses his cool in upcoming Emmerdale scenes
Ryan Stocks looses his cool in upcoming Emmerdale scenesCredit: ITV

Ryan Stocks (portrayed by James Moore) is not known to loose his cool very often, unlike his hot-tempered mother Charity Dingle.

But when his son Oscar (Harley Hamilton) is involved, Ryan’s paternal instincts get the best of him and his cool exterior begins to crack in upcoming scenes of the ITV soap.

It all begins when Oscar arrives and reveals to Gail Loman (Rachael Gill-Davis), Ryan and Charity (Emma Atkins) that his adoptive mother Sophie (Martha Cope) knows about his visit to the village the day before.

He’s sheepish as he’s encouraged to go home but Sophie bursts in, angry.

Gail and Charity are thrown when Ryan retorts, unleashing his hurt – but will the situation continue to escalate?

After Charity takes Oscar away to give them space, Gail, to Ryan’s surprise, forgives a guilty Sophie.

She then reminds her that they’re upset to have been cut off, and the decision should be up to Oscar.

Oscar returns to the village
Oscar returns to the villageCredit: ITV

Later, Charity is unsure how much to reveal to Oscar, but Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) encourages her to keep things simple.

Curious Oscar cannot help but probe Charity for answers about Ryan’s father, DI Mark Bails.

However, when she admits her age to her grandson, Oscar works out the implications of the difference.

He reassures a relieved Charity that he’s glad his grandfather is no longer around.

After Sophie and Oscar apologise to each other, she agrees to give him a chance to see Gail and Ryan again. 

Will she stick to her word?

Sophie first rocked up the Yorkshire Dales earlier this year in the hopes of securing a bone marrow transplant for Oscar, who had been diagnosed with aplastic anaemia.

Upon finding out that Oscar was in need, Gail was initially nervous about telling Ryan the news.

And his adoptive mother Sophie is less than pleased
And his adoptive mother Sophie is less than pleasedCredit: ITV

She eventually had no other choice but to open up to her partner, which left him uneasy.

But in a heart-warming twist, both Gail and Ryan were able to bond with the teenager and realised they wanted to be a more prominent part of his life.

Despite bringing them into Oscar’s life, Sophie was reluctant to allow the couple to be involved with him.

Fan have theorised that Gail and Ryan could try to get custody of Oscar, despite having to give him up for adoption after his birth.

But could they work something out with Sophie instead to finally appease their situation?

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Oscar manages to bond with Charity


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