Elaine Peacock’s (Harriet Thorpe) insecurity over the future of her relationship with fiancé George Knight (Colin Salmon) will take another bashing in upcoming EastEnders scenes.

And it’s all thanks to, you guessed it, his ex-flame Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins).

Since her return, Cindy has long made it clear to us all that she wants to get her claws back into the Queen Vic landlord.

This came much closer to fruition this Christmas as sparks sizzled, despite Cindy being in what she claims to be a happy relationship with Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt).

Elaine and Ian become jealous as Cindy and George take a trip down memory lane over their festive shared lunch.

Sensing Elaine’s upset, George thinks on his feet and lied that he’s booked her a romantic trip away in a hotel. 

Now she’s back, her new year starts off in a less than happy way.

Elaine continues to struggle as Cindy tries to insert herself into George’s life.

She is shocked when she catches Cindy asking George if he’s happy with his life choices, but as George tries to explain himself, he receives two

Cindy rather than Elaine as he seeks support?

Elaine is concerned by George’s reaction to his parents’ arrival, but he refuses to open up.

Meanwhile, at the Beale house, Cindy tells Ian that George was adopted. Gloria is thrilled to be reunited with Gina (Francesca Henry) and Anna (Molly Rainford), but it’s tense between Eddie and his eldest granddaughter.

Later, after Gloria drops a shocking truth on him, George heads to No.45 and asks Cindy to meet him tomorrow, but Elaine is heartbroken when she spots him leaving Cindy’s home.

How far have things gone and is Elaine right to be worried? Is it time to give up on their future?

George wakes having spent the night on the sofa and lies to Elaine so he can sneak off to meet Cindy.

George Knight sitting on sofa looking worried in EastEnders
George has more on his mind than Cindy (Picture: BBC)

At a café, George reveals all to Cindy about his adoption. The pair attempt to find out more information but they are shocked by what they find.

Later, Elaine consoles a broken George who finally reveals all and breaks down in her arms.

At the end of the week, George invites Gloria and Eddie for dinner in an attempt to get some much needed answers.

Elaine warns Cindy to stay away, but Gloria inadvertently invites her to the family dinner. Things get off to a harmonious start, but it’s not long before a huge row ensues when Eddie’s rude comments to Gina rile Cindy.

Later, George and Gloria have a heart-to-heart as Gloria shares some invaluable insight into his heritage but Cindy is never far away from Elaine’s thoughts.

With George so vulnerable and Cindy’s motives clear, anything could happen next.

Whatever happens, the Knight household has some turbulent times to come, with show boss Chris Clenshaw promising big drama in the wake of Elizabeth Counsell and Christopher Fairbank arriving as Gloria and Eddie.

The Executive Producer said: ‘We’re absolutely delighted to welcome the legendary and immensely talented actors, Christopher and Elizabeth, to the EastEnders family as they bring to life the characters of Gloria and Eddie.

‘Although currently set to join for a short stint, Gloria and Eddie are thrust into the heart of the drama as they try to reconnect with their son but it soon becomes apparent why George has kept his distance.’

Speaking on joining the show, Elizabeth enthused: ‘I can honestly say it has been an absolute joy. The cast and all of the team behind the scenes at EastEnders are brilliant and have been so welcoming.

‘Colin and I actually worked together before, and who would have thought that I’d be playing his mum almost thirty years later!’

Christopher added: ‘I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to join the cast of EastEnders. Everyone has been so welcoming, and it’s been fantastic to meet and work with the brilliant actors involved in the show.’


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