EastEnders has revealed the aftermath of the shocking Christmas Day murder.

The explosive Christmas episode revealed that Linda Carter stabbed Keanu Taylor to death as he attempted to strangle Sharon Watts, while Nish Panesar laid injured on the floor of the Queen Vic after Denise Fox hit him over the head with a bottle to protect Suki Panesar.

In scenes airing on BBC One tonight (December 26), and available on iPlayer now, The Six devise a plan to cover up their involvement in all the chaos.

The episode opens with Kathy confirming that Keanu is dead, and a distraught Sharon is furious at Linda for killing him.

However, after Linda offers to turn herself into the police, Sharon softens and thanks her for saving her life.

Meanwhile, Denise puts Nish into the recovery position after discovering that he’s still alive.

When Linda receives a call from Elaine to let her know that she and George will be picking some things up from the pub, she informs the women that they have less than half an hour to decide their next move.

They start to agree on a story about Nish and Keanu getting into a fight, with Keanu hitting Nish over the head with a bottle and doing a runner.

Stacey and Denise then head out to steal a tarpaulin cover from Ian’s skip, where Stacey becomes distressed as she experiences trauma over Archie’s death.

The women wrap Keanu’s body in the tarpaulin and decide to bury him underneath the floorboards in the burnt-out café.

Meanwhile, Denise is watching over a barely-conscious Nish in the pub when a police officer turns up to do a welfare check, after receiving a silent emergency call from the landline.

Since the landline is still registered in Linda’s name, Denise panics and says that she is Linda, before explaining that the call must have been one of the kids playing about.

When the officer leaves, Denise runs to the café, where the women further refine their story.

They agree to say that they didn’t ask for help for Nish because Keanu had made them place the dropped 999 call, and that Denise lied during the welfare check because Keanu was still in the pub and threatened her and the other women with a knife.

Kathy then suggests that Keanu made them wait before contacting anyone so he could get a head start for his escape.

Before the end credits roll, Sharon says: “We can do this. We will do this. We have to do this. All of us, we stick to the same story. OK? we’ve got no choice.”

Will their plan hold up?


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