Justin’s life hangs in the balance as the doctors prepare to perform surgery. Meanwhile Felicity and Tane are excited at growing their family and Irene receives news

Home and Away returns next week as Justin’s life teeters on the edge.

Leah is fighting for her and Justin’s lives as she drags herself up the rusted ladders in the abandoned factory. Outside, Leah finds herself in the middle of nowhere.

Pushed to her physical and mental limits, she starts to hallucinate. But when a vision of Justin appears, Leah gains the fight to keep going.

An exhausted Leah can’t believe her luck when a vehicle finally stops along the deserted road she’s been following. When she leads the paramedics back to the factory, Justin is unresponsive.

At the hospital, Bree tells a shattered Leah that Justin’s not stable enough to operate on yet. Later, Bree alarms sound as Justin’s health rapidly deteriorates.

Springing into action, Bree prepares to operate. In spite of the risks, she informs Leah they have no choice. A distressed Leah looks on helplessly as Bree and her team wheel Justin into surgery.

Despite making it through surgery, Leah is told that Justin has lost a lot of blood and the anaesthetic he’s under could increase his chance of organ failure.

Elsewhere, Tane and Felicity are loved up on the beach when she tells him he’d better make the most of it – once a baby comes along, they won’t have time for funny business.

And Tane doesn’t intend on wasting time – the best way to fall pregnant is to get as much practice as possible. Seeing how excited he is for the future of their family, Felicity tries to temper his expectations.

She reminds him it could be a while before she falls pregnant as she’s only just stopped taking the pill. When she shares the news Cash, he’s delighted and a little surprised as he wonders when she changed her mind about becoming a mother.

But when she steals a moment alone at Salt later on, it seems she may not have. With Tane out of the way, she retrieves her contraceptive pill from a hiding place and takes one.

When Felicity is called home from Salt for a romantic meal with Tane, the topic of kids is still on his mind. Guilty over the ongoing lie that she’s trying to conceive, Felicity bristles when Tane polices her drinking, insisting she’s not pregnant yet.

Preparing to let him down, Felicity is stopped in her tracks when Tane reveals becoming a father is everything to him. Across the Bay, Irene is beside herself after being arrested by Rose.

When she’s taken to the station, John desperately searches for Cash, determined to help his friend. Harper is arrested as well, while Dana has it out with Rose. Under questioning, Irene stands up for herself and asks Rose if she thinks she’d break the law without a good reason.

In the waiting room, John lays blame with Harper and Dana, however Irene insists she doesn’t regret it for a minute. Rose drops a bombshell on Harper and Irene however – the magistrate can’t see them until the morning, and that means they’re staying at the station overnight.

John finally catches up to Cash, who is quick to remind them that he has no power after his suspension. As Irene and Harper spend the night in the lock-up, Cash battles with the injustice of it all. As Irene and Harper are released on bail the next day, Cash can’t help but steal a glance at the Vita Nova file.


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