Are you sure that the wedding is doomed to catastrophe?

Tom King (James Chase) continues to reasons to worry in the coming Emmerdale episodes, as his behavior toward Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) gets more and more alarming.

The viewers will remember the shocking reveal during Dingle Court Week when it was discovered that Tom was pushing Belle away when she refused to turn on his proposal to marry him. Belle fell, and smashed her head upon table. Tom apologized, and she begged for forgiveness which she accepted.

Given the above and a couple of others concerning behaviours of Tom the couple’s fairytale relationship in which Belle proposes to Tom on an ice-rink before Torvill and Dean could not have been as fairytale at all.

Was Tom be trustable? Did the rage be an element of a controlled style of behavior? or was it like he claimed an error that could never repeat?

Does the wedding have a chance of failure?

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After the wedding, Tom began posting about it on social media without asking Belle beforehand. He was probably elated and he had a great time, but he wasn’t sure.

Then there was the moment when he revealed to Belle she was booked for the wedding, without her permission also.Tom is continuing to show concerning signs

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In the upcoming episodes, there’s an even more similar storyline in the coming episodes as Tom continues to make wedding plans but does not give Belle the opportunity to participate in an input into what’s expected to be her special day.

She slams her fist and insists on being kept informed and the man agrees. She’s worried that throwing large weddings is un-informed due to the fact that a lot of people have to deal with the effects from Heath Hope (Sebastian Dowling)’s tragic loss to the world.

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Tom is willing to back off to a certain extent, but the next thing he knows, he’s angry after Tom learns it is Marlon (Mark Charnock) is the one who will make her wedding cake.

Then, he causes a lot of angst when he enters Suzy (Martelle Edinborough)’s Office and notices the wedding dress of Belle as a sign of unlucky prior to the wedding.

Small things may be the case, however, it’s all part of a pattern in the sense that Tom is adamant to control all aspects of their relationship.

With the wedding looming, are you worried that Belle getting into a tense scenario?


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