Child Ivy may be little, yet she’s had a gigantic effect on Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), Marlon Dingle (Imprint Charnock) and their family since her appearance in Emmerdale


Ivy is organically Rhona’s kid in the wake of being considered from one of the incipient organisms that Rhona and her ex Gus (Alan McKenna) had frozen ages ago. After Gus utilized the incipient organisms without Rhona’s assent, his better half Lucy became pregnant yet unfortunately passed on soon after the child was conceived.

At the point when Mary (Louise Jameson) found that Gus wasn’t adapting to caring for another child in the midst of his own misery for his better half she brought father and child home to enjoy Christmas with the family.

Gus thusly vanished, passing on Rhona and Marlon to take care of little Ivy.

Obviously this affects the family and Rhona and Marlon continually stress over the impact on their child Leo (Harvey Rogerson), who needs a steady everyday practice. Marlon likewise stressed over Rhona as he probably was aware she was holding with the child and as time went on would find it increasingly hard to express farewell to her when Gus returned.

Rhona has no lawful case on the child, so the most probable situation is that Gus will return when he feels improved and Ivy will head out to live with him.

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Yet, that is not the thing Rhona needs, as Zoe Henry cleared up for us.

‘I figure the fantasy would be for Ivy to live with her and for Gus to vanish in a puff of smoke yet that won’t occur, is it?’ she considered. ‘It’s something where she would truly not like to express it without holding back. In any case, that is the fantasy.’

In forthcoming episodes Rhona’s way of behaving is turning out to be progressively centered around a future where Ivy stays as a feature of their loved ones. Worryingly, she begins deceiving Marlon. Despite the fact that she feels remorseful about deluding him, she needs to make each second with Ivy keep going as far as might be feasible.

Marlon and Rhona would one say one are of the cleanser’s most grounded couples, yet might they at any point overcome what is happening?

‘It influences their relationship and their marriage,’ Zoe conceded.

‘I could stay here and say, “They can get past anything,” yet it’s cleanser, so… no.’

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