Jai Sharma has taken revenge against his biological father Amit in Emmerdale.

This week has seen Jai discover Amit is up to no good, after watching him hand over the HOP’s takings to a loanshark and then pretend he’d been mugged.

Jai later offered to team up with Eric Pollard to prove that Amit must have had a hand in Rishi Sharma’s death last year.

In Thursday’s (March 28) episode, Jai wasted no time in confronting Amit at Holdgate about his theories — setting off a violent chain of events that would play out across the double bill.

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As Amit tried to plead his case, Jai warned him: “You can drop the act. I know everything.”

Amit confessed that he didn’t have the money to buy into the HOP, but he “did it anyway” because he was desperate to have a family business with his sons. Jai baited Amit into acknowledging that he was planning to swindle Gabby out of her share of the HOP next, then use the business to pay off his debts.

When talk turned to Rishi’s death, the two had a heated conversation on the stairs where Amit admitted that he’d killed his brother.

“Finally,” Jai told him. “Thank you.”

Jai then shoved Amit down the stairs, leaving him in a pool of blood on the floor. Eric Pollard turned up at the worst possible time, and despite his hatred of Amit, wanted to call the police. Jai took Eric outside to reveal he’d recorded Amit’s confession, so he would have proof that his father was up to no good.

jai sharma in emmerdale

“It’s going to be my word against his, and it’s not like you saw anything, right?” he knowingly asked Eric.

Eric agreed he wouldn’t tell police anything before Jai vowed he was going to force Amit to turn himself in. Jai then went back inside Holdgate to ominously clean up the blood all over the walls…


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