Lisa Riley has been open about her weight loss journey, having shed an incredible 12 stone. The Emmerdale star has made two simple changes to her diet to help her slim down

Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley has impressed her followers with her remarkable transformation, having lost an astounding 12 stone. The Bury-born actress, who once wore a size 28, now fits into a size 12 after revamping her lifestyle and steering clear of quick-fix diets.

Now 47, Lisa initially shed 11 stone and then went on to lose another stone following surgery to remove excess skin. Her weight loss journey began in earnest after she appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in 2012, which she credits for jump-starting her metabolism and triggering her weight reduction.

During a chat on Loose Women back in 2016, Lisa disclosed that dancing up to seven hours daily and a diet focused on soup contributed significantly to her change. “It’s hard for me to see my reflection now,” she confessed, reflecting on her transformation.

A committed vegetarian, Lisa also mentioned that she practices portion control and avoids fad diets. To keep her new figure, she has cut out two major items from her diet: bread and alcohol.

She elaborated: “I don’t believe in fad diets, even though I have tried them before. I have no food after 6.30pm. I only eat a carb if I need one and absolutely no bread or booze.”

Lisa candidly discussed her health transformation, also attributing her success to her commitment to Zumba classes. The actress made the decision to quit drinking in 2015 as a show of solidarity with her expectant friends and was surprised by the positive impact it had on her life.

In conversation with The Mirror, Lisa revealed: “I realised there were lots of empty calories in booze so that is why I gave it up. If you add up through the week what I’d consume in alcohol calories it was mad.”

She went on to say: “All my girlfriends gave up booze for nine months while they were pregnant, so I thought I’d do nine months, but it’s nearly a year now and I don’t even want a drink.”

Lisa’s remarkable weight loss journey saw her lose an impressive 11 stone initially, and she continued to slim down by another stone after undergoing excess skin removal surgery in 2017.

Looking back at her journey with The Mirror in 2020, Lisa reflected: “People forget how gigantic I was. With the skin removal, I lost twelve stone, one pound.”

She further commented: “The surgeon chopped off one stone, four pounds. Since then my weight has more or less stayed the same.”


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