Emmerdale is planning dramatic scenes this week, including the possibility of a secretly revealed secrets within the village of Yorkshire.

Emmerdale viewers will be captivated the next week due to a possible departure, hospital run and a revelation on the popular ITV soap.

Spoilers reveal they believe Angelica King could be leaving the Dales because she’s set to appear in court next week, after revealing that she was driving the vehicle which caused the death of Heath Hope. In another case, Cain Dingle is set to let spouse Moira stunned next week after the truth about his past is revealed following an unsettling hospital run.

The village is also a part of the story, Chas Dingle shares her devastating cancer news with her family members who are shocked prior to her decision to go home. This is the most exciting moment to come of Emmerdale the week ahead…

Angelica King exit ‘sealed following court announcements amid the apocalypse of a bombshell

Emmerdale will be preparing for some the drama of next week’s episode because the town may be saying goodbye to a particular character in the wake of hearings on court.

Recently it was revealed that the ITV soap was filled with sorrow in the week of New Year’s Day as teenager Heath was killed while riding in a car along with his twin sisters Cathy as well as Angelica King. The teens had been desperate to make it to an event celebrating New Year’s Eve away from the town, however, they couldn’t find a ride and their father Bob Hope refused to pay for taxis. They were feeling bored by the party at B&B and decided to take the situation by themselves by stealing Wendy’s vehicle to ride to the event.

Emmerdale will be preparing for some the drama of the week next week. the town could be ready to say goodbye to a character following hearings on court.

Following the accident it has been reported that both Cathy as well as Angelica claim that the other driver was the one who drove while the rest of the town is split about who to believe particularly Bob who is refusing to talk with Cathy so as to shield herself from. The day before, it was the date of the funeral of Heath and an angry Angelica was able to speak the truth.

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Angelica revealed to her stunned mom, Nicola King, that she was the driver of the vehicle when Heath passed away, as she was worried about her being sentenced to prison. In the evening of Friday, they was telecast after Nicola was unable to handle the news and, upon telling her her husband Jimmy King, he stormed out of the home, unable to handle the stress.

This week in the scenes, despite being told to lie by Jimmy, Angelica runs over to the B&B in which she admits her guilt to Liam, Brenda, Cathy and April. In the following scene, at the station of police, she’s detained for the cause of death through unsafe driving. The next time around, Nicola is gloomy as she comes back from quitting her council post.

In the meantime, Jimmy and Nicola are nervous as they inform Angelica that there’s a date for her court hearing, which leaves the family in a state of anxiety. In the next episode, lawyer Ethan Anderson delivers Nicola the terrible word that Angelica could be slapped with the possibility of a prison sentence. There’s more to come when Bob feels a tingle of frustration as Jimmy acknowledges that he’s the one to tell Angelica to be lying.

Angelica recently confided in her mother who was shocked, Nicola King, that she was driving the vehicle at the time Heath passed away.

On the next day the King family is preparing for Angelica’s court hearing. The their mother, who is protective of her daughter Nicola is adamant Jimmy not to reveal Angelica concerning her possible custodial sentence. The problem is, Jimmy is unsure if this is the right strategy for the little girl. He will be left stunned by a frightened Nicola wants to get to get Angelica out of the situation telling a lie that Angelica ought to declare “not innocent”.

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Following a heated argument and the parents are worried, they decide to help their child, without making her tell a lie. In the following days, Nicola and Jimmy head away with Angelica when they meet Brenda and Bob They are both thrilled that they have no charges to bring against Cathy were removed. What’s to come next for Angelica and could this be a way to end the story for this new character?

Cain Dingle secret exposed in a frightening hospital incident

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle is set to make his wife Moira stunned next week when the truth of his story is exposed following the terrifying hospital chase.

This week, in upcoming episodes, Cain is set to battle against his nephew Aaron Dingle, after the incident with the car that Aaron Dingle stole goes to way. Aaron plans to offer his family friend Samson the one of his stolen vehicles and Cain realizes Aaron is playing games, so decides to sell the vehicle.

Aaron keeps pushing Cain’s buttons, and eventually the car of Cain’s is stolen The family is worried about Cain’s response. It gets worse after a police officer notices Aaron’s absence of license plates. He’s then taken into for an investigation into the number of vehicle thefts in recent times, the circumstances looking bleak.

Emmerdale’s Cain Dingle is set to make his wife Moira in shock next week, as the truth about his past is revealed following an unsettling hospital run

Then, after Aaron doing more disrespectful things towards Cain The nephew and uncle are soon engaged in a violent fight in the garage. Cain is able to pin Aaron down and is unsure of whether to end the fight. When spoilers air next week the story is made clear that Cain is admitted to a hospital, and wife Moira feels relieved once he is able to get up.

The doctor concludes his examination of Cain and advises him to remain in bed, but Cain decides to go home. Afterward when Dr Liam Cavanagh is shocked to learn that Cain had been discharged. While the entire family rallies to support Cain An isolated Aaron is contemplating his next move and realizes he’s the Dingle outsider.

On the next morning, Moira worries as Cain continues to take painkillers. Then, Cain returns and Moira finds herself shocked as he admits to her what he is going through and shares what’s been bothering Cain.

Chas Dingle is ejected from the her village after revealing the news of her cancer to a stunned family

Emmerdale viewers will be with tears this week as Chas Dingle shares heartbreaking cancer story with her stunned family.

In the coming week Chas has been diagnosed a triple negative form of cancer, a year after the loss of her mother to cancer of the breast. Chas gets a phone call to confirm her appointment in the hospital following discovery of an area of breast cancer during a prior episode.

This week, doctors Liam Cavanagh along with Chas discuss her outlook which is where Liam is worried over her deciding to keep it confidential and insists that telling her family is the most effective option. In the evening, at the bar like a soap opera when the family argues, Chas explains what is happening and everyone is reeling at the thought of Chas announcement. The family, which is shocked and supportive sits around Chas but not the son of hers, Aaron Dingle, who cruelly stays away and goes away with his broken mom.

Emmerdale supporters will be with tears this week as Chas Dingle breaks her heartbreaking cancer diagnosis with her shocked family

Chas is further devastated by the realization that Aaron plans to move out of the village, while Mackenzie chases him determined to help him make that he is making. Mackenzie attempts to talk to Aaron but Aaron is upset by the fact that Mackenzie keeps offering assistance and pursues the man. Aaron says he does not wish to speak with anyone – but how can Mackenzie convince him to rethink his position?

In the meantime, Chas and ex-husband Paddy think about how to notify Eve the news about her diagnosis. They soon will sit Eve in a quiet room to explain her cancer. On the next day, brothers Cain and Chas are both scared however grateful for having discovered cancer in its early stages, gather together to reflect with poignancy on their life experiences.

After the discussion, Paddy is disappointed when Chas declares she would like to go on Eve to a holiday with Paddy. The following week, the entire family gathers in the streets to watch Chas going off on her holiday and Chas is stunned by the fact that Mandy gives her a swathe of money from Paddy.

Emmerdale collaborates in partnership with an organization called Breast Cancer Now who are supporting the production of the long-running storyline. Breast cancer is among the most commonly diagnosed cancer in UK with one woman being diagnosed every 10 minutes.


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