Will he expose her secret?


EastEnders will reintroduce Billy Mitchell’s dad Stevie next week, as Nadine Keller’s story gathers momentum.

It was confirmed last year that Hollywood actor Alan Ford had been cast as Billy’s estranged father, Stevie.

Viewers were first introduced to Stevie at Aunt Sal’s funeral earlier this year, but he’ll turn Billy’s life upside down when he turns up in Walford in upcoming episodes.


Stevie’s arrival will also spell bad news for Nadine, who has recently told Jay Brown that she is pregnant with his baby.

Lexi grows increasingly frustrated by the situation when Nadine arrives with news she has been kicked out of her house.

When Lexi pretends to be ill to avoid going to school, she spends the day with Billy and takes the opportunity to explain to Billy that she saw Nadine drinking, and Jay doesn’t believe her.

Billy tries to speak to Jay, but accidentally puts his foot in it when he suggests Nadine should get a DNA test.


Aware of the tension, Nadine arranges drinks in The Vic in an attempt to get the family onside but everyone is thrown when Billy’s dad Stevie arrives.

The Mitchells are stunned to see Stevie, and Billy and Phil make it clear he is not welcome.

Stevie turns on the charm offensive but Phil can see through his act and Billy isn’t having any of it, either.


Billy takes Honey’s advice and decides to give Stevie a chance, leading to father and son having a frank conversation about Billy’s childhood.

Unfortunately, things quickly go south when Jamie is brought up and Billy orders his dad out of his life.

Afterwards, Honey encourages Stevie to try harder if he wants a relationship with his son, but Billy is furious when Stevie arrives unannounced at their house.


Lexi and Honey make another attempt to persuade Billy to give Stevie a chance, but he’s adamant he doesn’t want to know.

Taking matters into her own hands, Lexi secretly enlists Stevie’s help with Jay’s situation.

The pair head to Jay’s, where Stevie encourages Nadine to get a DNA test.

As the week goes on, Stevie grows suspicious of Nadine’s behaviour – but what is she hiding and will he be able to catch her out?

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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