NICOLA desperately wants to spare her daughter from the wrath of fate

The Emmerdale’s Nicola King has been left crying in the streets after having to learn that the news that her daughter Angelica will go into prison for many years.

The woman who runs the business – playing in the soap by Nicola Wheeler in the ITV soap – orchestrated to hide the truth about the fact that her daughter Angelica murdering Heath Hope while they were riding around, but the plan backfired and today Angelica is acquitted.

Nicola and Jimmy don’t know what to do to assist their daughter Credit: ITV

The couple in tonight’s episode went to Angelica to court, however, they only explained the meaning of it in the aftermath.

Following the time that Nicola along with husband Jimmy revealed to Angelica that she would be being sent to prison regardless the outcome, Nicola was devastated.

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As Angelica leaving, awestruck and blaming the police for her being in jail, Nicola could not bear the stress.

She fell into tears in her living room along with Jimmy.

“I cannot do nothing,” she said.

“I cannot bear it, Jimmy. I’m in need of some air.”

In the process of running out, it became apparent that Nicola went to appoint Bob in the B&B when he was putting the garbage out.

He told her: “Bob, I’m really grateful to hear from Cathy and her family that they’ve dropped the charges. This must be an enormous satisfaction.

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“Unfortunately the situation is similar to Angel the two of them are continuing to go through her steps. The woman pleaded guilty and is admitting her faults I wanted you to be aware.

“They’re likely to steal the girl away from us for God knows when.

“I realize it’s an enormous request, but the Youth Justice Authority will be there next week, and if you can be able to talk to them about the fact that this is a tragedy and how unfortunate it was to have Angel was able to escape all the other kids and an excellent kid and that it could help reduce the severity of her sentence. Please?”

However, Bob was not in the spirit to show kindness to Nicola due to everything that the family did to her.

“You would like me to assist your daughter to avoid murdering my son?” He was horrified.

“You’ve previously tried to slip into her responsibilities and now you’re trying to do the same thing again. Heath died. Sorry for the loss of Heath. The fact that you’re sorry doesn’t make a difference.

“What really matters is now the consequences, and I’m hoping that the judge will make Angelica take the punishment she deserves.

“I would like to see them are able to give her the most severe sentence and that they keep her in jail for as long as they are able to. The punishment won’t suffice for the things you and your family members have committed.”

Nicola was crying and fell to the ground shocked.

He wanted them to inform their child about what was likely occur.

She cried after Bob did not offer to help, and she wants Angelica to be sentenced to the most severe possible sentence.


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