TRACY and Nate Robinson have been struggling financially and hoping they can get rid of their money woes once and for all.

Coming up in Emmerdale, the character played by Amy Walsh figures out her next step for her nursery business. Will it go ahead?

n scenes due to air, Tracy is excited by her new Forest Nursery idea, but how will she manage to pull it off?

While this remains to be seen, fans of the long-running soap will remember that Tracy is also keeping a huge secret from her own husband.

In recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based program, Caleb was unable to resist Tracy’s charm and the pair have shared multiple charged moments together.

Unfortunately, secrets rarely stay hidden in the eponymous village and another resident is set to catch the pair in an embrace in scenes due on our screens during the Christmas season.

Coming up, Christmas at Butlers is underway and it’s not long before Caleb and Tracy share yet another charged moment alone.

A little later and with everyone leaving, Tracy stays behind to look after the kids.

Caleb offers to stay back with her and the pair get the alone time they were after.

Sadly, it’s not long before the illicit couple are caught in the act by someone.

Who will it be?

Will they be able to keep their secret?

Fans have predicted a baby bombshell ahead for the illicit couple as their affair continues.

Could they be on to something?


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