An Emmerdale star has addressed her character’s fears on the ITV soap as Christmas draws closer.

Emmerdale‘s Dawn Taylor (played by Olivia Bromley) is soon left fearing social services will come knocking on her door following the birth of her son, Evan.

Dawn and her husband Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) have been expecting a baby on the ITV soap. The former drug addict was determined not to use any medication during or after the birth as she feared she might relapse.

Olivia, who plays Dawn, recently opened up to about the character fearing social services will appear soon following her past addiction struggles.

She said: “Dawn’s anxiety just gets really bad around the kind of the medication around her birth, and about the fact that previously she doesn’t remember a lot about being a young mother because she was so addicted at the time.

“And then also to have a young baby taken away from you… I think there’s a lot of trauma around that.”

Dawn’s son Lucas Taylor (Dexter Ansell) was taken away from her when she was a heroin addict, but she was reunited with him in recent years and has adopted a child called Clemmie Reed (Mabel Addison) after her mother died of a drug overdose.

Olivia added: “She goes immediately to panic about if Clemmie is going to be taken away. She goes from zero to a hundred about social services, getting involved, which everyone else is just like, ‘Oh, this is so annoying.’

“But you can see why because she just panics immediately.”

Will Dawn be able to remain level-headed and trust she is a good parent to her children?

Addressing becoming a mother again, Olivia said of her character: “I think this second chance of pregnancy and being a mother – and she wants to do everything totally differently and is almost as putting herself under extreme pressure, to be kind of perfect.”

Dawn ended up going into labour at the Christmas market, but Billy was nowhere to be seen at the time the contractions worsened.

Instead, she’s assisted by Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) before eventually giving birth to a healthy baby boy named Evan. Evan’s been named after Billy’s father.

Billy isn't around when Dawn goes into labour


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