EastEnders’ final episode before the big Christmas Day death may have sealed the fate of possible victim Jack Branning, as he wronged three of The Six on the BBC soap

EastEnders‘ Jack Branning may have sealed his fate as the Christmas Day death victim after his latest antics on the BBC soap.

As well as no doubt risking retaliation from three of The Six, amid him being announced as a possible victim, Jack also enraged viewers once more during Friday’s episode. His latest antics between some of the women in Walford left fans sure he could be a goner on Christmas Day.

Not only that but a possible clue in the final part of the episode, the last scene before the big Christmas Day episode, may have sealed his fate. This Christmas Day, one of six women are tipped to turn killer as one male resident meets a grisly end in the big episode.

Back in February, we found out in a flashforward clip that one mystery male character will be killed off at The Queen Vic at Christmas. Suki Panesar, Kathy Beale, Linda Carter, Denise Fox, Stacey Slater and Sharon Watts are all at the scene of the crime.

Clues, motives and possible motives have been teased for months, and we now have seven possible victims including Phil Mitchell, Keanu Taylor, Dean Wicks, Nish Panesar, Ravi Gulati, Rocky Cotton and Jack. The truth is being kept under wraps until Christmas Day, with only those involved in the storyline knowing the killer and the victim.

But the latest episode may have sealed the fate of one resident, Jack, as he crossed three of the six suspects. Jack’s marriage to Denise is in tatters after a rocky few months, and Jack’s latest betrayal.

Denise found out Jack had slept with fellow Christmas suspect Stacey, and she told him their marriage was over. But after trouble with Jack’s daughter Amy, he tried to blackmail her into staying with him, using Amy’s mental health against her.

When things got heated though, Jack lashed out at Denise leaving her terrified of the man her husband had become. Stacey has also fallen out with Jack since their fling over the way he’s been with her, with her sharing her regret over sleeping with him.

But he could be about to wrong Suki too, and Stacey at the same time. During Friday’s episode, we saw Jack contact the police to alert them that Eve Unwin was alive, after Nish Panesar and Ravi Gulati were arrested for her murder.

EastEnders Suki and Stacey

Suki and Stacey may want revenge 

Stacey, Suki and Eve had begged him to give them time for Suki and Eve to flee before allowing Nish and Ravi to be released, after he had stumbled across them. While he initially agreed, he then betrayed them before they had got away, as he told the police what he knew.

While the trio remain unaware for now, surely it’s only a matter of time before Eve and Suki realise what Jack has done. So could this lead to Stacey and Suki taking revenge, joined by Denise?


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