Rhona Goskirk was up in court for the second time this month as Gus Malcolms discovered his fate.

Emmerdale viewers were floored as Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) made a shocking decision in court. Rhona was called to the stand for the second time this month as Gus Malcolms (Alan McKenna) stood trial for stealing their frozen embryos without her permission.

Around one year ago, Gus and his wife Lucy (Charlotte Asprey) arrived in the village and asked Rhona if he could use the embryos they froze during their marriage. Rhona was shocked as she believed the embryos had been destroyed.

She went back and forth with the decision, but ultimately decided she couldn’t go through with giving her consent. But the couple went ahead with the transplant anyway, stealing Rhona’s passport and forging her signature on legal

Since Lucy died during childbirth, Rhona and Gus have been locked in a custody battle over baby Ivy. Viewers will know Rhona took the stand earlier this month on charges of kidnapping Ivy

She managed to avoid jail time while Gus’s trial arrived during Wednesday’s instalment (April 24) of the ITV s

With the help of Rhona’s impact statement, Gus was hoping his sentence would be reduced. But as Rhona took to the stand, she claimed everything she had written was a lie as she slammed Gus for taking her control away.

The vet went on to explain that she considered agreeing, however, when she refused to give her consent and Gus went ahead with it anyway, she felt “violated”.

After opening up about how she bonded with Ivy, Rhona let rip about how Gus planned to take their daughter to France while she was arrested for kidnap.

After hearing Rhona’s words, the judge tore into Gus for his behaviour. Gus was sentenced to eight years in prison, with the judge revealing he would have to serve a minimum of four years.


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