“I go back to that primal instinct and I think that’s what Rhona has.”

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale‘s Zoe Henry has weighed in on Rhona Goskirk’s ongoing emotional baby storyline, revealing that she thinks Rhona would choose baby Ivy over husband Marlon Dingle.

Rhona recently discovered that her ex-husband Gus Malcolms used her frozen embryos to have a child with his wife, Lucy – who later died while giving birth to the little girl, who was named Ivy.

Overcome with grief, Gus has leaned on Rhona and her mum Mary Goskirk for support, temporarily moving into their house over Christmas.

However, upcoming scenes will see Rhona reveal to Marlon that she has become attached to Ivy and wants to be involved in her biological child’s life.

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Speaking about Rhona’s growing bond with Ivy and the strain it will cause on her and Marlon’s relationship, the actress revealed to Digital Spy and other media that Rhona would choose Ivy “every time” should it come to that.

“We have a scene where that happens and Rhona says, ‘I’m doing this with or without you.’ It feels really harsh when you say that but when I think of my own life my kids come before anything else,” she explained.

“I go back to that primal instinct and I think that’s what Rhona has.”

Discussing Rhona’s “dream” outcome to the emotional storyline, Henry revealed that her character would love to take care of Ivy without Gus.

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“I think the dream would be for Ivy to live with her and for Gus to disappear in a puff of smoke but that’s not going to happen, is it? And I don’t think she would dare admit that to herself either, or to anyone,” she added.

“I think there’s a scene with Mary where she tentatively says that’s what she wants but it’s one of those things where she doesn’t really want to say it out loud. But that’s the dream.”


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