The recent behavior of his has come in the form of a rebuke.

Alf advises John that a pupil dropped from the Bronze Medallion course and has filed a formal complaint with the name of Banjo.

Banjo has spoken of the following: bullying, disdain, and micro-aggressions. After much convincing, John picks up the phone and calls to apologize.

While they’re at it, Kirby and Theo are engaged in the process of writing an original song. Theo has a tendency to be self-critical about the lyrics he has written, however Kirby is calm and reassuring. Theo is adamant that he knows what he’s trying to convey but isn’t always sure of the right way to express it.

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In the course of a meal, Kirby receives an email from a record company, giving her $8,000 for an original song that she wrote within a half-day. Even though this is another attack on his confidence and faith in Kirby has been strengthened as an idea is sparked upon Kirby. As he tries to create Leah and Justin’s wedding perfect will Kirby be feeling in writing a song to celebrate the event?

Additionally, inspired with Roo’s support, Marilyn has built up confidence to ask for an off day from work so that she can vacation with Jett. But, in a rambling speech, she reveals that her words have been confused to the point that Irene is forced to give her additional shifts, instead of fewer.

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Marilyn’s efforts to get along with Leah are equally ineffective due to Leah’s moody personality, and in the event that Irene is insistent on getting a pay increase for Marilyn and her appreciation can be tempered by her inability to take her time to take.

Justin confronts Leah about the study on night terrors and insomnia the researcher discovered. Leah admits to having bad nights of sleep. He asks her to discuss his experiences with her and she complies. She then parted with him to go back to work.

Following a tiring shift, Leah standing in the car park when she sees a vehicle approaching and causes her thoughts to go towards the kidnapping. Justin comes out of the vehicle and runs to her close by, while Leah says that, her nightmares have started and she isn’t able to stop them. After much crying, she admits that she requires assistance.


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