A new physician arrives in the city.

“Home and Away introduces Eden Fowler’s older brother Levi in the series on UK screens in the coming week.

Tristan Gorey has been cast for the part of Levi which is his debut appearance in the context of Mackenzie Booth’s new and threatening health-related scare taleline.

The next episodes of Channel 5 see Mackenzie get taken to the hospital following an apparent heart attack in Salt.

Bree Cameron leads the fight for Mac’s survival at Northern Districts Hospital and manages to bring her back, but there is no clear explanation as to why this happened.

Levi will soon be in the hospital to ask for Bree and introduces himself as Dr. Levi Fowler, a cardiothoracic surgeon. He is hoping to give the answers Mac is desperate for regarding her medical condition.

Dana Matheson reveals that she is familiar with Levi in their days together at a different hospital. She assures Irene Roberts that Mac is safe with her.

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Levi recommends exploratory surgery in order to discover the precise details about the problem in Mac. While Mac appears to be nervous, Levi manages to ease her anxiety with reassuring phrases.

When Mac has recovered from operation, Levi will be by Mac’s at her side. Levi confirms that there was a rupture in her artery. He was able to heal the tear.

embargo 29012024 bree cameron and levi fowler in home and awayChannel 5

While Harper is at it, Harper quizzes Dana for additional details about her prior relationship with Dr. Fowler.

Dana clarifies she believes Levi used to work at her previous facility, St Christopher’s. But she is hoping that Levi doesn’t think of her following her infamous departure. This led to her being fired after she was falsely accused as a drug addict.

Dana says surgeons are often too busy to keep track of specific nurses. She’s surprised by the moment Levi recognizes her.

tristan gorey as dr leviJeremy Greive / Channel 5//Channel 5

Levi promises Dana that he’s not concerned about the rumours regarding her departure from St Christopher’s and claims that the latter is doing well in her new job in Northern Districts.

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In the midst of Levi working at The hospital Eden does not seem to be aware that their distant brother is here – however, for what length of time?

Home and Away broadcasts these episodes on February 5, Monday and February 6, at Channel 5.


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