The Heath’s true Killer is now revealed.

Devastated by the loss of his teenage son, Bob Hope has been trying to bear the loss with the Dales.

The Emmerdale star is glowing outraged after making a the shocking discovery of Heath’s true killer.

5Bob Hope is left fuming the week ahead. Credit: ITV

5Jimmy King reveals a shocking story to himCredit ITV

5What can Angelica deal with the revelation that she is responsible for the death of Heath? Credit: ITV

Cathy Hope fiercely blamed her best friend Angelica King (portrayed by Rebecca Bakes) for the demise of twin brothers Heath Hope.

According to ITV viewers are aware the three teens who plotted to rob Wendy Posner’s vehicle and take it to an New Year’s Eve celebration in Hotten.

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When Angelica claimed to be the driver and drove off, the situation took a fatal direction which led to Heath Hope succumbed to fatal injury.

Angelica allowed Cathy suffer the fall despite the fact that she insisted she wasn’t driving Wendy’s car at the time the three of them were involved in an accident that resulted in Heath’s death.

Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) is struggling to believe that the innocence of his child Cathy is not guilty due to her history of bad behavior and a range of issues that include aggression to violent and violent anger that is caused by her PD.

In the King family, Angelica revealed her friend did not lie and was in the car at the time Heath passed away.

Bob discovered the truth, however the relationship he has with Cathy may be damaged due to his distrust of her.

The next episode of the series will air on television the story takes a new direction for Bob.

The B&B proprietor is left shaken in anger after Jimmy King (Nick Miles) acknowledges that he was the one who instructed Angelica to conceal her involvement with Heath’s murder.

The King as well as the Hope families have had to be a team during the past, and it is possible the possibility of a fresh feud be in the making?

Jimmy his family, known for their shady deeds in the infamous village attempted to have Angelica tell the police in order to stay out of jail. His wife was insistent that their teenager daughter had to take the proper steps.

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Afraid of the future for their daughter Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) and Jimmy King decide to take steps for her.

Nicola feels down when she is back from quitting her council post fully aware of the fact that she can’t engage with politics if she’s the illegal side.

Jimmy as well as his spouse later are both anxious as they reveal to Angelica that there’s a time to hear her.

The village solicitor Ethan Anderson (Emile John) Then he gives Nicola the news that Angelica could be facing an indefinite sentence of custodial.

The next day The next day Kings are preparing for the hearing of Angelica and Nicola insists Jimmy not to inform Angelica about the potential custodial sentence.

But, Jimmy is unsure if that’s the most appropriate strategy for their baby girl since Jimmy is determined to get things done correctly.

Jimmy is shocked after an incredibly dramatic turn of events caused by Nicola’s trouble.

She is desperate to get to get out of the situation, through lying again insisting she’s not guilty after all.

He instantly argues against this and Nicola confused, but accepting the fact that they could aid their daughter and not tell the lie.

In the other scene, Nicola and Jimmy head off to meet Angelica However, just as they depart, they meet Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) as well as Bob.

We are both thrilled to learn that charges aimed at Cathy were dismissed.

What’s next for Angelica?

Emmerdale shows on weeknights starting at 7.30pm in ITVQ;

5His relationship with daughter Cathy has been strained. Cathy has been strained.

5However, the charges against the teenager have been dropped next week. will Bob apologize to her?


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