Nate picked up Nicky’s keys and hurried to the Mill with the intention to discover his wife with Caleb.

Emmerdale’s Caleb Miligan has been caught in a fling with Nate Robinson – but it’s not with his wife Tracy.

The farmer, the character played by the actor Jurell Carter on The ITV soap is aware, and correctly so, the fact that his wife Tracy has been having an affair with her uncle Caleb.

Caleb was caught wearing his pants down, however, not married.

TracyCredit: ITV

The wife of Caleb Ruby has made her shocking debut in the village at night

Credit: ITV

However, Nate did make a mistake trying to show the point.

Following another fling, Tracy said to Caleb she was for him, and she was scared to her.

Caleb insists that it’s true and that he was interested in to be with her as well.

And across the village, Nate became obsessed with the notion that Tracey had been cheating with Caleb following the discovery of deleted messages exchanged between the two.

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He ran to the bar while Moira and Nicky attempted to prevent him from arguing with Caleb.

“I am aware that Caleb is in my house with my wife at the moment I’m aware of the things I’m aware of,” he raged.

He took Nicky’s keys, and headed for the Mill in the hope to see his wife having a fling with Caleb.

Then he found Caleb playing with a woman.

As he came in, he shouted: “Get off her now!”

An embarrassed Caleb was looking up, but everything was exposed when his wife Ruby stated: “Well, I wasn’t looking for an audience. …”

“I’m my husband’s wife Ruby”, and it was the greatest thing to happen to him. I’d like to shake your hand, but I’m sure you won’t need to know what it was.”

Ruby held her baby and introduced herself to the other guests until Caleb returned to his normal self.

He added: “Alright now the introductions are done, who wish to clarify to me exactly what they’re up to in my home?”

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“I had a thought …” Nate was trying to clarify his reasoning before Nicky was able to help him.

He told him: “He’d left his wallet there.”

As if on cue, Nate said: “I’ve been looking everywhere but I could not imagine a better place to go.”

Ruby could not resist a be flirty and even asked Nate to go at any place he liked, adding the fact that he was a family member “made it even more exciting”.

When Nate went away, Caleb showed Moira out whom he pointed out Tracy might be interested to learn that his estranged wife isn’t quite as secluded as she had thought.


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