Awful Cathy ( Gabrielle Dowling) is dealing with unbelievable circumstances that teenagers should never have to deal with – her twin’s death, the deceit of her best friend, and the distrust of her father. After laying her brother’s remains to rest, she is facing an Emmerdale fate.

The majority of people do not believe her claim that she was not driving at night when Heath died. All of the evidence points in her direction. Yet, in the case of Angelica (Rebecca Bakes) being sucked into guilt, it will be revealed that the truth is told itself.

Thanks to their parents, Jimmy ( Nick Miles) and Nicola ( Nicola Wheeler), they were encouraging her to keep her schtum.

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Amid everything happening, Nicola is forced to quit her position in the council, putting her in a difficult spot. After that, the Kings find out that there’s a date set for hearing, but they hesitate to inform Angelica.

Nicola wants to get counsel to get advice from Ethan (Emile John), But she’s looking for something else. It’s not likely to result in an ideal outcome for her child, Angel, and it appears she’s in danger of being locked up.

Bob ( Tony Audenshaw) feels resentful to discover that his former friend and confidante, Jimmy, persuaded Angelica to tell the truth.

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