Emmerdale’s one-hour episode on Thursday evening proved be just as dramatic with a variety of characters trapped in issues.

Emmerdale: Caleb caught kissing his wife.

Emmerdale Emmerdale fans are left stunned when Caleb Milligan (played by Will Ash) was caught enjoying a romantic time with his wife in the most recent Episode on The soap. ITV soap.

Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Nate bursts in to catch Tracy and Caleb together
Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Nate bursts in to catch Tracy and Caleb together

ITV viewers are aware Caleb is currently embarking in an affair and Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) in the shadow of her husband, Nate Robinson’s (Jurell Carter) affair for a number of months.

In the Thursday episode, Caleb during Thursday’s episode, Caleb Tracy that he was concerned about her, as his husband became untrusting of the couple.

Nate is a nephew of Caleb. be the nephew of Caleb took matters to his own and scurry over to Caleb’s house in the middle of the night to see if they could be able to catch Tracy torn from her slew of deceit.

But, as he walked through the door to his front the door, he was shocked to find Caleb kissing another brunette woman sitting on the sofa.

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The woman told her she was the wife of Caleb This was a bit confusing for Nate when he was looking at them with Nicky Milligan, (Lewis Cope) their son.

Nicky appeared equally amazed to find his father and mother as they were within the Yorkshire Dales as she had barely been talked about and never seen outside of the town before.

Emmerdale Emmerdale viewers streamed on Twitter to discuss the dramatic reimagining of the ITV soap, with a lot posting the same complaints.

One person argued: “Where TF did Caleb’s wife come from? I truly hope this doesn’t deter Nate from thinking Tracy Caleb and Tracy Caleb have an affair, and attempting to find them!”

Another comment: “#emmerdale Is that what you’re talking about on Caleb? Are Caleb addicted to sex? It’s a pity.”

Kelly stated: “Plot twist: Caleb wasn’t having an affair Tracey but it was his ex-wife He was picturing to be Tracy.”

Another joke: “Can’t believe Caleb to be writing this ridiculous”#Emmerdale?”

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Do you know Tracy aware of Caleb’s intense marriage to his wife? Tracy doesn’t have any foot to stand on since she’s married to Nate and she would appear to be the untruth.

But, it seems as it’s as if Tracy is unaware of Caleb’s dual life.

Maybe Nate may inform Tracy that he was a bit naive and walked up the direction of Caleb as well as his wife during an intense moment and she’ll need to hide her emotions about the matter.


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