If Tracy Robinson (Amy Walsh) confessed to the husband Nate (Jurell Carter) that she wasn’t loving the man she was with on Emmerdale and she was not in love with him, she may have thought it would be the most difficult to let go of. It turns out it’s not an issue as Nate is struggling to come to terms with his split.

While Tracy as well as Nate just got wedding vows in summer, it was only a few months later that she had a sneaky getaway to enjoy some extra-marital fun Caleb Milligan ( William Ash). Even to the point that she began telling Caleb she loved him.

The relationship appears to be over as Caleb’s ex-wife Ruby (Beth Cordingly), turned out to be more affluent than initially believed, however it did make Tracy realizing that she’d not been in love with Nate. At least not when they were getting married. wedding, she informed him.

The Tuesday (February 6)’s episode featured a tense situation in Mill Cottage as Nate has moved in at the home of his Uncle Caleb to process the loss of his love. This is obviously not ideal for Caleb and his family, as he is afraid of that he’ll be exposed as well as Tracy getting out.

It’s a major concern due to the fact that Ruby is incredibly curious about the circumstances that could have resulted in Tracy to abandon Nate. Caleb believes she’s just a jumpsuit away from being full Guantanamo or waterboarding whole truth from the guy.’

Nicky (Lewis Cope) is aware of Caleb and Tracy as well, and Ruby notices that there’s an uneasy relationship with her son as well as her ex-husband. There’s a feeling that Ruby is looking to figure out the cause of this and it could be very complicated.

While Nate was at work, Nate visited the home of his family to listen to his daughter Frankie at bedtime. He informed Tracy that he didn’t desire things to be different for Frankie as much as they need to be, which Tracy shared.

“No one is trying to write you off of her story”, she said to him.

“You’ve been there before in the past,’ he told him. But try again and observe what transpires. That warning made Tracy somewhat emotional and a bit teary.

Prior to that, she was with Nate were separated due to him being not faithful. Tracy took Frankie away to start her brand new lifestyle in Nottingham.

In the short time she returned back to her village, in 2022, she and Nate came back in contact and it turned out they’d been meeting before to their wedding subsequent year.

While they appeared to be blissfully happy after their wedding, Tracy revealed in Monday (February 5)’s episode that it was her idea of marriage and a loving family member that she had fallen attracted to – not Nate his character.


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