Manpreet’s crush on Billy has come at the same time as him receiving devastating personal news

The doctor recently signed up to Billy Fletcher’s new PT fitness business in the ITV soap.

Emmerdale fans have slammed 'cringe and vomit-inducing' Manpreet Sharma seduction scenes
Emmerdale fans have slammed ‘cringe and vomit-inducing’ Manpreet Sharma seduction scenesCredit: ITV

By doing his classes Manpreet soon realised she had a crush on Billy. 

And when Billy was giving Manpreet a physical training session, he was too preoccupied with his own relationship to notice she was flirting with him.

Manpreet was recently left mortified after her partner Charles proposed to her in the pub.

He was gutted when she said she would like to keep things as they are, but now she has become frustrated by his lack of interest.

This could be why she’s suddenly developed a crush on Billy, but Emmerdale fans are not here for it.

Taking to X – formerly Twitter – one wrote: “EwwwManpreet stop praying on Billy [sick emojis] fkg cringe.”

Another wrote: “yeah of course Manpreet who’s known Billy since he came to village would just one day fancy him out of nowhere. FFS come on have some gumption.”

A third tweeted: “However unhappy Manpreet is in life in general or just with Charles (Just dump him) still doesn’t give her the right to try & destroy Billy’s Marriage too.

“Especially as him & Dawn are gonna have more than enough on their hands dealing with Son Evan’s diagnosis sadly.”

Manpreet was left mortified recently when boyfriend Charles proposed in the pub
Manpreet was left mortified recently when boyfriend Charles proposed in the pubCredit: ITV

This week, spoilers revealed Billy and wife Dawn will be left devastated after their baby son Evan is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

The couple will rush their baby boy to hospital where tests will reveal the heartbreaking diagnosis.

A number of Emmerdale fans have shared their rage at bosses for deciding to have Manpreet develop a crush on Billy at the same time that the baby storyline is beginning.

One wrote: “So during Billy’s receiving devastating News about his son, they throw in a cougar lusting over him? Wow so tacky.”

Another replied: “It is after all the uncontested crown show of tacky, parochial, emetic & utterly distasteful material.”


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