CHAS Dingle had the scare of her lifetime when Liam Cavanagh revealed he found an unidentified lump on her breast in the middle of a romantic.

It is reported that the Emmerdale famous character, played by Lucy Pargeter, receives devastating news in the coming weeks, and she profoundly hurts her new boyfriend.

Chas seeks to escape the reality of his life once by swooning with a different male in the latest scenes of The ITV soap.

Fans of the Yorkshire-based show will be aware of the Woolpack bar owner, who had already embarked on an intense relationship in relationship with her late friend Al Chapman when she received the devastating news that her mom, Faith Dingle, had breast cancer.

Next week, Chas receives a call informing her of her afternoon hospital appointment.

The second time around, Chas faced no other option other than to take on the world since her new love, Liam Cavanagh (played by Jonny McPherson), convinced her to seek out a doctor following the discovery of a lump inside her breast.

Liam, who is her sole confidant. She is thrilled when she invites him to go with her.

When she arrives at the appointment, Chas gets shaken to the centre when she discovers that she has been diagnosed with triple-negative cancer. She eventually vents about the diagnosis to Liam.

While she tries to remain brave it’s evident that she’s not doing well, and Chas is forced to shut herself off to deal – or perhaps ignore her condition.

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She insists that Liam leave her alone while she struggles to keep her calm, but she allows her to fall and cry after Liam has left.

After that, as her ex-husband Paddy Kirk ( Dominic Brunt) takes off the child Eve, He can tell something is going on in Chas; however, she covers her face fast.

In the next few days, Lydia Dingle ( Karen Blick) is also aware that she is in trouble because she’s experienced many secrets to cover up during the past few years.

It’s a relief when Chas finally can talk to Lydia while Liam listens in his Woolpack corridor.

While he’s happy hearing her voice, it’s bittersweet when it becomes clear that he’s notnot the only one she trusts.

In different sequences, Chas scrolls through her smartphone, searching for details about her cancer diagnosis. But what is she going to find?

Then, it becomes awkward for Liam and Chas as Mandy Dingle ( Lisa Riley) insists on forcing Liam and Chas to have a second date at the Woolpack when she discovers their upcoming love affair.

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However, will Chas take Liam’s advice?

Although Chas has been on the sidelines after the end of her marriage to Paddy Kirk, Liam has been on the market for some time following his break-up from his relationship with his ex-wife, Leyla Harding.

The two decided to part ways after their wedding planner’s addiction to cocaine became out of hand.

In the following months, Liam embarked on an affair with Wendy Posner before she later decided to prioritize her romance with Bob Hope.

Do you think his relationship with Chas was lost?

Emmerdale shows on weeknights starting at 7.30 pm at 7.30 pm on ITV.


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