The ex- Emmerdale actress who portrayed Holly Barton in the ITV soap, announced the story on social media.

Emmerdale: Sophie Powles stars as Holly Barton

Emmerdale actor Sophie Powles, known for her part as Holly Barton, has announced the birth of her second baby. The news of joy was posted via Instagram in which she shared an image of her children.

Sophie is also seen on Holby City and The Long Shadow she already has an infant with the name Marli together with her husband Mark Waters. The actress announced her pregnancy in July. She has also announced the birth of her first child, but she’s hiding the baby’s name until now.

In Sophie’s In her Instagram blog post Sophie said: “Our baby girl was born before Christmas and it was the most magical one to date.” The first child, Marli Ocean Waters, was born in August 2021.

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The co-star Ash Palmisciano, who plays Matty Barton, said: “Ah beautiful congratulations to all of you!”

Isobel Hodgins said: “Oh soph!! Congratulations. Sending you all my love xxxxx.”

A different person posted: “Ah congratulations to you everyone! This is a great girl group!” while a third wrote: “Congratulations beautiful family, I hope that you’re all well I love you all.”

Sophie revealed her pregnancy in July, last year. her fans were informed: “Another little friend joining us in our journeys.”

Sophie earlier admitted she was feeling like being a “failure” following the decision to accept a job in a cafe when she was looking for acting jobs after she left Emmerdale for good in the year 2016. working in the cafe, customers could recognize her as a former Emmerdale actress. Emmerdale.

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She explained: “When I was in the café, a couple of customers would recognize my name and say “What’s your job in here?’. I’m thinking, ‘I’m in need of an employment opportunity, I have to make my bills.’

“The acting profession is it’s a bit of a gamble, for at one point you might have the most rewarding job only to have it end and it is impossible to know that your next gig will be, so all you have to do is take it as a given and then be ready to work hard and begin working.”


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