An unlikely duo, Aaron (Danny Miller) and Mack (Lawrence Robb) team up on their mission to steal cars in Emmerdale – but they are dicing with danger.

Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron takes on sinister killer Kim as he commits a dangerous crime
Emmerdale spoilers: Aaron takes on sinister killer Kim as he commits a dangerous crime

Aaron seems to think he’s completely untouchable and foolishly decides to take on killer Kim (Claire King).

Aaron and Mack’s latest hair-brained scheme involves stealing cars, but it quickly gets too easy and their greed increases.

To satisfy their new hunger, they decide to up the ante and go for a higher end vehicle. The opportunity falls right into their lap when Kim’s business partner runs into trouble and leaves his car at Cain’s (Jeff Hordley) garage.

Aaron and Mack put their heads together to plan the theft – they need to get Cain out of the shop. Mack heads up to the farm to work and feigns a broken-down tractor that can only be fixed by Cain. Moira (Natalie J Robb) calls her husband to do the job, creating the perfect moment for Aaron to duck into the garage.

But this job won’t be so simple. Cocky Aaron hits a snag – the car is up on blocks with no wheels and the engine exposed. He needs time to put it back together before he can drive off.

He texts Mack to stall Cain, but Cain races through the tractor problem in no time and is keen to leave.

Mack writes a warning message to Aaron, but before he can hit send, the battery dies. Aaron has got the car ready and is about to do a flit, but Cain is on his way back.

And then Aaron hits yet another snag – the car won’t start.

Ordinarily not a huge problem given that he knows his way around an engine, but he has no idea that Cain will return very shortly, and with no word from Mack, believes he has all the time in the world.

Will Aaron finally get his comeuppance from Cain? It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.


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