Next week on EmmerdaleCain’s feud with Ruby reaches boiling point again.

Elsewhere, Charles proposes to Manpreet, Rhona faces court, and Tom’s sinister behaviour continues.

Here’s a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

1. Cain destroys three air fryers

Ruby hopes to finally win over the Dingle family by killing them with kindness. This comes in the form of air fryers, as Ruby gets her hands on a job lot and gives them out as gifts.

Cain remains at odds with Ruby, who’s still not taking him and his threats seriously. The bad boy shows he means business by destroying the air fryers with a sledgehammer.

2. Caleb makes his choice

Ruby resorts to Plan B by organising a family gathering at The Woolpack, but Cain is annoyed when he realises that he has been tricked into attending.

As the pressure mounts, Ruby gets drunk and serenades Caleb during karaoke. Cain remains frosty towards his sister-in-law, but Caleb shows whose side he’s on when he steps up to defend Ruby. It’s a heartwarming moment for Ruby as she finally sees that Caleb is committed to her.

3. Nate spots Caleb fall ill

caleb miligan, nate robinson, emmerdaleITV

Caleb’s health takes a turn for the worse as he experiences severe pains while in the middle of the village.

Nate witnesses this and Caleb begs for his help. Will Nate have any sympathy for the man who callously destroyed his marriage?

4. Rhona’s trial takes place

rhona goskirk, emmerdale

Rhona’s trial begins and she worries about her chances when manipulative Gus twists the narrative in his favour while giving evidence. Fortunately, Rhona’s defence lawyer is on hand to call Gus’ supposed ‘good character’ into question.

Vanessa is next up and although she intends to fiercely defend Rhona, there’s a chance she may be tripped up by the prosecution’s questions.

When it’s Rhona’s turn to have her say, she loses her composure and lashes out at Gus. This leaves her worried that she may have made herself look bad in front of the jury.

5. A debate breaks out over Rhona’s actions

Paddy tries his best to distract April from Rhona’s predicament by taking her to The Woolpack. This proves to be a poor decision as the punters at the pub start debating over the rights and wrongs of Rhona’s actions.

This leaves April worried that if Rhona’s friends aren’t even in agreement over her behaviour, she stands no chance in front of the jury.

Later in the week, as the jury heads off to deliberate, Rhona’s future hangs in the balance.

6. Charles proposes to Manpreet

manpreet sharma, charles anderson, emmerdaleITV

Charles hopes to make a good impression on the new Bishop, but Claudette suggests that he might be in with a better chance if he were married to Manpreet.

This plays on Charles’ mind and he hints to the Bishop that he’s planning to tie the knot with Manpreet.

Later in the week, Charles pops the question to Manpreet at The Woolpack but she feels pressured to say yes. Gail then announces the couple’s news to the entire pub.

7. Tom tries to drive a wedge between Belle and Vinny

vinny dingle, belle king, tom king, emmerdaleITV

Tom gets jealous when Belle enjoys spending time with Vinny and the dogs.

Vinny offers to look after Belle’s new pet puppy Piper while she’s busy at work. However, Vinny is later forced to break the news that Piper has mysteriously gone missing.

As Belle worries about her dog’s safety, her friendship with Vinny reaches breaking point – just as Tom had hoped for.

8. Billy makes job plans

billy fletcher, emmerdale

Now happily settled as a new father, Billy considers his future career prospects.

Billy decides to become a personal trainer, but what will his wife Dawn make of it – and could Kim voice her opinion too?

9. Kerry causes problems for Suzy

suzy, kerry wyatt, emmerdaleITV

Kerry decides that it’s time to say goodbye to her beloved diamond necklace.

Suzy puts pressure on Kerry to follow through with her promise to make the payment for Matty and Amy’s wedding.


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