Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Next week on Emmerdale, Mack and Charity face a terrifying fight with dangerous Harry in the show’s Christmas episodes.

Elsewhere, Tracy and Caleb are finally caught out over their secret affair, while Amit must decide whether to come clean about his big secret.

Here’s a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

1. Harry catches Chloe lying to him

chloe harris and damon 'harry' harris in emmerdaleITV

A few days on from the start of Mack’s kidnap ordeal, there’s now no sign of him in the abandoned factory.

At Harry’s house, Chloe lies to her dangerous father as she seeks a way out. Harry plays along, despite knowing that Chloe intervened by setting Mack free.

This dual deception comes to a head when Chloe rushes off to Keepers Cottage to seek help. Harry catches Chloe in the act and forces her into the back of a car.

2. Charity and Chas follow Harry and Chloe

chas dingle, charity dingle, emmerdale

Charity and Chas witness Harry’s altercation with Chloe and they realise this is connected to Mack’s disappearance. They decide to follow the pair to get some answers.

Harry leads Chloe back to the factory, where Mack has been re-captured. Mack is already in a terrible state and Harry prepares to deliver another brutal beating.

Chas gets caught by one of Harry’s heavies as she tries to phone the police, but Charity intervenes by hitting the thug over the head with a plank.

As Chas once again focuses on calling the police, Charity heads deeper into the factory to rescue Mack.

3. A gunshot is fired

mack boyd, emmerdaleITV

Harry prepares to finish off Mack for good and pulls out his gun, but he’s unaware that Charity is approaching from behind.

Mack spots Charity and discreetly warns her to stay away, but she’s determined to rescue him.

Charity leaps in to defend Mack, causing a scuffle with Harry. Chaos ensues and the stakes couldn’t be higher as a gunshot goes off.

4. Tracy and Caleb are caught out

caleb miligan, tracy robinson, emmerdale

Tracy and Caleb both attend the same Christmas gathering at Butler’s Farm, where they share a charged moment alone when nobody is looking.

Later, Tracy stays behind to look after the kids while everyone else heads off. Desperate for some time with his secret lover, Caleb offers to join her.

This proves to be a risk too far for Tracy and Caleb as someone walks in and catches them in a compromising position.

5. Belle proposes

leyla cavanagh, tom king, emmerdaleITV

Belle teams up with Leyla for one final attempt to propose to Tom. It turns out that Leyla was the perfect person to seek help from, as Tom’s idols Torvill and Dean owe her a favour.

Leyla leads a blindfolded Tom onto an ice rink. Once Tom removes the blindfold, he’s stunned to see that Belle has arranged a romantic proposal with help from Torvill and Dean.

Belle’s efforts pay off when Tom accepts her proposal, before sharing a fanboy moment with the ice dancing legends.

6. Marlon loses his temper at Christmas

marlon dingle, gus, emmerdale

Marlon and Rhona enjoy their Christmas morning with Mary, April and Leo. The atmosphere is spoiled when Marlon finds himself in an argument with Gus, who has come to stay alongside baby Ivy.

Paddy reminds Marlon that Gus is still grieving for Lucy and deserves some kindness. Marlon realises that he needs to make amends and get Christmas back on track for everyone.

7. Amit faces pressure from Suni

amit sharma, suni sharma, emmerdaleITV

Amit is uneasy when Suni puts pressure on him regarding his secret.

Suni thinks that it’s time for Amit to be honest with the rest of the family about the real reason Rishi died, but is he willing to do this?

8. Nicola prepares the next step in her career

nicola king and jimmy king in emmerdaleITV

Nicola tells Jimmy and Bob that she wants to hold a councillor party at the B&B on New Year’s Eve.

Nicola makes the plan as part of her new ambition to run for mayor. Jimmy is impressed, but Bob is annoyed.

9. Heath and Cathy make plans

cathy hope, heath hope, emmerdaleITV


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