Emmerdale spoilers for the New Year reveal that Heath’s death causes Bob and Cathy’s relationship to the limit. But, can Bob forgive his daughter for his son’s death?

Meanwhile, Moira is hiding something from her past and is set to reveal all to another villager. What is her secret?

Elsewhere, Chas is set to for a big, shocking storyline – as well as new love.

All this and more in our Emmerdale New Year preview and spoilers for 2024

1. Bob and Cathy torn apart

On New Year’s Day (Monday, January 1), Cathy and Heath went joyriding in Wendy’s car to get to a party. Cathy was driving whilst Heath and Angelica were flirting in the back seat.

As they encouraged an already erratic Cathy to go faster and faster, she put her foot down… However, she then crashed the car with Bob and Wendy later finding the teens injured.

Unfortunately, Heath died on impact and couldn’t be saved. Cathy had killed her twin brother.

One thing’s for sure, this will test her relationship with Bob to the limit. Show boss Laura Shaw admitted recently: “They’re going to hit rock bottom. But is it going to tear them apart or pull them together?”

Moira looking suspicious in the barn on Emmerdale
What will Moira’s confession mean for her future? (Credit: ITV)

2. Moira’s huge confession

Moira Dingle is set to be thrown back into the centre of the action this year when she makes a bombshell confession about her past.

Laura revealed: “Moira’s going to make a big confession to one of our villagers. It’s a secret from her past.”

She then teased: “How is that person going to react when they find out Moira’s deepest, darkest secret? If they blow it, it could threaten Moira’s whole life.”

Fans have already begun speculating it’s the long-held theory Mackenzie is actually Moira’s son. But is that really it?

Will Chas finally settle down? (Credit: ITV)

3. New romance and a shocking storyline for Chas

Chas Dingle doesn’t have the best taste in men, but could she have realised that as she starts the New Year? After her affair with Al ended her marriage to Paddy, and her next fling with Harry saw her life in danger, Chas starts to bond with Dr Liam.

They realise they have a lot in common and are both looking for love. It ends with a kiss, but will it turn to a long-term romance?

Meanwhile, Laura has also revealed a big story to come for Chas in 2024. She said: “It’s going to be shocking for all her family and friends and villagers around her.”

Jacob talks to Victoria on Emmerdale
Victoria and Jacob know they have to confess (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers 2024: 4. Jacob and Victoria come clean

Victoria and Jacob are still hiding their relationship. Jacob doesn’t want to upset Pollard any further as he comes to terms with his Parkinson’s diagnosis. He also fears how Leyla is going to react.

When they arrange to meet their family and come clean about their romance, how will everyone react?

Aaron and Mack on Emmerdale
This isn’t going to end well for Mack and Aaron (Credit: ITV)

5. Mack turns to crime

Mack should really have had enough of criminal activities after his kidnap over Christmas. However, it’s not long before he and Aaron embark on a car theft enterprise together.

However, when they start to involve Cain by trying to steal a car his is fixing, have they put themselves in danger?

Can Marlon accept baby Ivy? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers 2024: 6. Rhona wants Ivy

It’s been clear to everyone around her Rhona has grown very attached to baby Ivy. Gus and Ivy staying with them over Christmas has not helped matters at all.

So when Rhona finally reveals to Marlon she sees Ivy as her own child and asks for his support in welcoming her into their family, how will Marlon react? Will this drive them apart? And will Gus even allow her access?

Beth Cordingly has joined the cast of Emmerdale playing Caleb’s wife, Ruby Fox-Milligan
We’re looking forward to seeing Caleb and Ruby together! (Credit: ITV)

7. Ruby arrives

Caleb’s wife has been much talked about since his arrival last year. And now we know her identity and that she is coming to Emmerdale in 2024.

Ruby will appear on our screens in January and it sounds like she’ll be causing trouble right from the start. She is described a being “fiery, confident, unpredictable and a fiercely devoted mum”.

Emmerdale insiders say that Ruby is a “ticking time bomb” who’d destroy Caleb and his new-found family rather than see him happy.

Producer Kate Brooks revealed: “Ruby is an absolute force of nature who sweeps through the village with scores to settle. Fiercely loyal to her family, Ruby will do anything and everything to protect her loved ones. Her relationship with Caleb is infused with intense passion that manifests itself as the ultimate volatile relationship.

“Ruby is a character who pulls no punches and always makes an impression. We’re delighted to welcome Beth to the show and we’re sure she’ll make a wonderful addition to the village.”

Emmerdale's Paula Lane is standing outside of the Emmerdale village
Kylie Platt in the Dales – sort of! (Credit: ITV)

8. Paula Lane makes her debut

Former Coronation Street star Paula Lane, who played tragic Kylie Platt, is joining Emmerdale as Ella Forster. Ella arrives in the village in January.

Viewers will have their first interaction with Ella in the New Year, seeing her lose her job when she defends Mandy at a Vet Ball.

Noticing Ella’s caring nature, Manpreet soon bumps into her and offers her an opportunity. Ella isn’t a pushover though, with her arrival soon grabbing the attention of many villagers. But is there more to her than meets the eye?

9. Valentine’s Day wedding

After  with the help of Torvill and Dean, they are planning their wedding.

And when better than Valentine’s Day, of course! But will the wedding go ahead without a hitch?

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