The guilt was taking away Jimmy

Jimmy as well as Nicola King (Nick Miles and Nicola Wheeler) finally faced an unimaginable reality on the Wednesday (January 31) episode of Emmerdale in the lead up to Angelica’s (Rebecca Bakes) appearance in court.

In the wake of the Heath’s (Sebastian Dowling) passing away at the beginning of the year Angelica is now facing the consequences for her actions. Heath died due to an accident in a vehicle, and it occurred while Angelica was driving.

The teenage girl confessed her truth to Nicola at the time of the funeral of Heath. Following the incident, Jimmy and Nicola have been trying to figure out an escape route to safeguard their daughter. They eventually agreed that a plea bargain to make her guilty is superior to telling the truth.

Tonight’s episode of the ITV soap Jimmy, Nicola and Angelica had to face Bob Hope’s (Tony Audenshaw) anger and rage. The actor said that he’ll soon have enough money to pay for the Kings from the B&B because he believes their relationship will never become the same.

The burden of guilt was eating away at Jimmy

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At the cafe, as Nicola talked with Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) regarding how she hopes Angelica’s characters’ references benefit her Then, she took note of the expression of Ethan Anderon’s (Emile John) facial expression.

Ethan stated that regardless the person Angelica is or her “glowing” report, she’s pledging in a guilty plea to the death penalty for dangerous driving. The judge has no other choice other than to impose an indefinite sentence.

Angelica was responsible for the car crash that led to Heath dying (Picture: ITV)

At The B&B, Jimmy arrived to talk to Bob. Convinced, Jimmy explained that he was the one who convinced Angelica to tell the truth and, naturally, Bob was utterly horrified.

In the evening, while Wendy and Bob talked about Angelica’s hearing Jimmy as well as Nicola were home at night worried about the next day.

Nicola confessed that she did not think about being sentenced to prison because it helped her feel happier. When reality hit the couple with a slap, Jimmy and Nicola knew that they needed to be prepared to face the real possibility of their child being sent to prison.

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She has a discussion with Ethan whom says that because there was a death and a sentence of custodial is likely, and this is a source of anxiety for Nicola and is the reason she has an extremely bizarre idea possibly using the illness of Cathy to force Cathy accept the responsibility and implying that Cathy was able to manipulate Angel into confessing, but actually, she didn’t take the blame’, Nicola Wheeler explained, discussing what would happen next.

‘While this all goes along, there’s still someone who must deal with the fact that they’ve accidentally caused the death of their companion.

And none of this is getting addressed right now because people are so focused about what the penalty could be.’


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