Find out what the actor has said about the soap

EMMERDALE star Sam Hall has been axed from the soap.

The 20-year-old actor began his role as Samson Dingle when he was just five years old.

Sam Hall has been axed from Emmerdale
Sam Hall has been axed from EmmerdaleCredit: ITV

Has Sam Hall left Emmerdale?

Sam Hall has been axed from the ITV soap after 15 years.

TV source said: “Sam had a meeting with bosses earlier this month where they broke the news.

“He has been left devastated. He’s grown up with his on-screen Dingle clan and they are all very protective of him.

“Some of the cast even went to talk to bosses about their decision.

“As news of his axing swept through the building there were quite a lot of angry Dingles.

“The fact that they are planning on killing him off means there’ll be no way back for him either.

“He’s absolutely gutted.”  

An Emmerdale spokesman declined to comment

Why has Sam Hall been axed from Emmerdale?

In April it was revealed that the cast over on the Dales are set to be “totally rocked” by three devastating storylines.

Sam has been told his character will be killed off in an explosive upcoming storyline.

He took on the role of Samson from fellow child actor Charlie Pell in 2009.

As well as his recurring role in Emmerdale, he starred in the one-off special The Dingles – For Richer For Poorer.

Over the years in the soap, he has tackled tough storylines including being a teen dad, but his death is bound to be his most difficult journey yet.

He previously said that he was excited for young people to be taking centre stage in the soap

He told “I think it’s great to give the teenagers these storyline as it gives us a chance to film something different and show the younger people in the village.’

He added: “I love the scenes where he is getting up to not good without a doubt. I would be friends with Samson in real life because deep down he is a good lad!’

“As my character gets older, it gives me the opportunity to be in bigger storylines and the chance to develop Samson’s character,’ Sam went on.

“I’ve enjoyed every minute of working there and look forward to the rest.

“I love being a Dingle, I couldn’t ask for anything better. It’s great every time I get to film with the family.

“In fact after filming with them for so many years, it doesn’t feel like work at all.”

Does Sam move to Norfolk with Alice in Emmerdale?

Sam (played by James Hooton) and Alice (played by Ursula Holden-Gill) briefly moved to Norfolk.

However, they returned to Emmerdale after Alice found out she was pregnant and Sam was missing his family.

Alice began to feel ill during her pregnancy and was diagnosed with cancer.

She initially kept it from Sam but eventually told him, leaving him devastated.

Samson was born in January 2006 by c-section to give Alice a better chance of survival and her cancer treatment began soon after.

Her doctor told her that the chemotherapy wasn’t working and she made the hard decision to stop her treatment.

She eventually asked Sam to help her die after she became so weak she could no longer hold their baby.

He was unsure at first but after seeing how much pain his wife was in, he agreed by giving her an overdose of morphine.


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