The moment we discovered that Amit Sharma (Anil Goutam) was present for Rishi’s (Bhasker Patel) death in Emmerdale was a shocker.

So spare a thought for Jai (Chris Bisson), who has just found out his real dad’s secret, and has instantly landed at the conclusion that Rishi was murdered.

Amit has insisted to Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) that he had no involvement in what happened.

However, it’s at least bad enough that he left him undiscovered for Jai to find, and keeping the truth hidden.

When Suni found out, he was shocked but has so far seemed to take Amit’s word for it.

But when Amit refused once more to confide in Jai, Suni was unable to hold his tongue any longer.

Suni told Jai that he needed to tell him something, and the businessman was staggered, along with Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), to hear the truth.

Jai wasn’t having it when Suni tried to convince him that it was an accident, with Suni himself looking doubtful over his dad when Jai exclaimed that he must have killed him.

Previously, Anil Goutam, known also as dead EastEnders villain Ranveer, warned of his alter-ego’s dark side.

‘When you first meet him, you wouldn’t guess he’s this person,’ he hinted to when he was first cast.

‘There is a darker side, and it’s always nice for an actor to explore a darkness. But, if it was purely written like that, I don’t think it would be much fun, because it would purely be a caricature. It’s not written like that; it’s written as a complex person.

‘He has a darker side to him. But not in his own mind, I don’t think. In his own mind, he does what he does to protect his family.

‘But it’s what he thinks is the right think to do to protect his family, and I think he can convince himself that pretty much anything would be the right thing to protect his family.’

However, his family may now be set to cast him aside – what lengths will Amit go to try and convince them of his innocence?

Or, failing that, what could he be capable of in terms of covering up what he did before someone can shop him?


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